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The Girlfriend – New Release Today

The Girlfriend

On Shelves Today January 30, 2018

The Girlfriend by Michelle Frances

4.25 slow burning stars🌟🌟🌟🌟.25


A girl. A boy. His mother. And the lie she’ll wish she’d never told.

The Girlfriend by Michelle Frances is a gripping and chilling debut psychological thriller, based on the fall-out following an unforgiveable lie. It looks at the potentially charged relationship between girlfriend, boyfriend and his mother, which most women can identify with, and locates it in an extreme but believable setting.

Laura has it all. A successful career, a long marriage to a rich husband, and a twenty-three year-old son, Daniel, who is kind, handsome, and talented. Then Daniel meets Cherry. Cherry is young, beautiful and smart but she hasn’t had the same opportunities as Daniel. And she wants Laura’s life.

Cherry comes to the family wide-eyed and wants to be welcomed with open arms, but Laura suspects she’s not all that she seems.

When tragedy strikes, an unforgivable lie is told. It is an act of desperation, but the fall-out will change their lives forever.


What do you get when the ultimate helicopter mom and the ultimate gold digger go head to head? You get a pretty spectacular book!

Laura is a true mama bear who cannot let go… her obsession with her only son borders on odd…Cherry grew up thinking she deserved so much more… and she will stop at nothing to get what she feels she deserves…. so who will be left standing at the end… the mom or the girlfriend?

The beginning of this book was a definite slow burn…. watching these two equally unlikable women manipulate each other and Daniel… was quite entertaining…. as a mother who has sons I tried to empathize with Laura…. but the woman just went WAY. TOO. fAR! I actually had more sympathy for Cherry during this book, there were times I truly felt she loved Daniel, maybe?

About halfway through, this book takes a crazy turn…. and the speed absolutely picks up…. I couldn’t wait to find out what woman did what next, it was crazy! Poor Daniel, he was basically screwed no matter what happened…. he should’ve locked them in a room and let them battle it out and then take off to San Tropez….

This book is proof positive that you can like a book and not like the characters…. because even though Laura and Cherry were terribly unlikable they were extremely well developed…. by the end of this book I felt as though if I had run into either of these women walking down the street I would know who they were… then head quickly in the other direction!

Highly recommend! A crazy ride with a fresh approach and fabulously developed characters….

*** thank you to the publisher and Net Galley for a copy of this book ***




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