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The Pact

The Pact by S.E. Lynes

4 slow burning stars🌟🌟🌟🌟


You made a promise to your sister. It could destroy your daughter.

The Daughter

15-year-old Rosie lies in hospital fighting for her life. She’s trying to tell her mother what happened to her, and how she got there, but she can’t speak the words out loud.

The Mother

Rosie’s mother Toni has a secret. She had a traumatic childhood, and she and her sister Bridget made each other a promise thirty years ago: that they could never speak the truth about what happened to them as children, and that they would protect each other without asking for help from others, no matter what…

Rosie was Toni’s second chance to get things right: a happy, talented girl with her whole life ahead of her. Having lost her husband in a tragic accident, Toni has dedicated her life to keeping Rosie safe from harm.

But Rosie has plans that her mother doesn’t know about. She has dreams and ambitions – of love, of a career, of a life beyond the sheltered existence that her mother has created for her. But the secrets Rosie has been keeping have now put her life in danger.

The Pact

In order to save Rosie, Toni may have to break her lifelong promise to her sister… and open doors to her past she hoped would remain closed forever.


This is not a fast-paced page turning psychological thriller…. it is more of a slow burning character study…. A study of relationships between women and in particular that of mother and daughter…..

Rosie is your typical teenage girl wanting that taste of freedom…. Toni is her very overprotective mother fighting her every step of the way…. Aunt Bridge is sometimes the voice of reason, but because she knows Toni’s secrets she does understand where she’s coming from….. how do you let your daughter spread her wings when your experience was so ugly?

The story is told from the perspective of the above named characters…. it is told from present and flashback scenes…. and a lot of it is The characters inner dialogue…. Rosie in particular….. I really enjoyed Rosie’s inner dialogue…. I think the author did a really good job with capturing a teenager…. however she did sound exactly like an American teenager….. I had no idea the British use the word like as much as we do in California….. seriously if I had a dollar for every time I said the word like in a day I’d probably be rich by the end of it, hard habit to break, for sure!

My favorite part of the book was the interaction between these three girls/women you knew how much they loved and were there for each other….. and parenting is tough, the more rules you lay down, the more likely your child will be dishonest with you…. if Rosie hadn’t had to sneak around she might have shared some of these things with her mother and avoided a lot of what happened in this book….. but hind sight is always 20/20 isn’t it?

The twist in this book was fairly predictable, even I figured it out and this is rare…. but I did really enjoy the relationships and characters in this book… I also found the book very thought-provoking especially in regards to questions of motherhood, teenagers, and social media…. social media played a huge part in this book…. it really is a different world from when I grew up never needed to worry about how many likes I got…..

I recommend this if you are in the mood for a slow burning character driven book that will make you think….

*** thank you to the publisher and Net Galley for a copy of this book ***

Can you keep a secret?