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The Echo Killing by Christi Daugherty ~ New Release ~ @CJ_Daugherty @StMartinsPress #bookreview

The Echo Killing

New Release Tomorrow, March 13

The Echo Killing by Christi Daugherty

4.5 stop the presses stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟.5


When a murder echoing a fifteen-year-old cold case rocks the Southern town of Savannah, crime reporter Harper McClain risks everything to find the identity of this calculated killer.

A city of antebellum architecture, picturesque parks, and cobblestone streets, Savannah moves at a graceful pace. But for Harper McClain, the timeless beauty and culture that distinguishes her home’s Southern heritage vanishes during the dark and dangerous nights. She wouldn’t have it any other way. Not even finding her mother brutally murdered in their home when she was twelve has made her love Savannah any less.

Her mother’s killer was never found, and that unsolved murder left Harper with an obsession that drove her to become one of the best crime reporters in the state of Georgia. She spends her nights with the police, searching for criminals. Her latest investigation takes her to the scene of a homicide where the details are hauntingly familiar: a young girl being led from the scene by a detective, a female victim naked and stabbed multiple times in the kitchen, and no traces of any evidence pointing towards a suspect.

Harper has seen all of this before in her own life. The similarities between the murder of Marie Whitney and her own mother’s death lead her to believe they’re both victims of the same killer. At last, she has the chance to find the murderer who’s eluded justice for fifteen years and make sure another little girl isn’t forever haunted by a senseless act of violence―even if it puts Harper in the killer’s cross-hairs…


if it bleeds it leads…

This was a newspaper reporter procedural, is that a thing? Well it should be….This is the first book in the Harper McClain series and let me tell you the series is off to a fantastic start….

Harper was born to be a crime reporter…. she puts her everything into her job… it’s personal… it’s her calling…. so when she starts investigating a murder that is eerily similar to the murder of her mother over 15 years ago…. she will stop at nothing to find out the truth….

Harper was such a likable and relatable character…. yes she was damaged, but that didn’t define her… she had friends, she had a love interest (yes there is Romance in this book) she was the kind of girl you would want to go out to lunch with…. this was very refreshing… so many times with female “damaged“ characters they have such an edge to them you find them a bit prickly and hard to like…. Harper was very much likable…. The secondary characters were all very likable as well…. especially her love interest Luke, he was quite the good guy….

The mystery/Investigation in this book was done very well…. i’m not always a huge fan of police procedurals, however I might be a huge fan of newspaper reporter procedurals…. I liked how Harper went about her investigation… I enjoyed all her rule breaking…. The outcome was realistic, but definitely surprise me, did not see that coming…. also really appreciated the aftermath of the investigation… it was quite interesting and gave you some closure and understanding… very much looking forward to the next book in this series….

I would absolutely recommend this to lovers of mystery/suspense… but keep in mind it leans a little towards romantic suspense… in case that is an issue… but I do want to clarify for my friends with an aversion to romance, I don’t think this is eye rolling worthy romance😉

*** thank you so much to the publisher for a copy of this book ***

Have fun reading,



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