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Bruiser by Neal Shusterman

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌠 Makes you Think Stars

Happy Friday everyone!

I have decided to put another Young Adult book as my #FlashbackFriday because i think sometimes they get a bit of a raw deal.

Some of my favourite book series have been YA, and i think a lot of the time they get overlooked because people think they are for kids, or they are just full of sparkly vampires 😂

So if you’ve never picked up a YA, why not try it, you might be surprised.


“There’s a reason why Brewster can’t have friends – why he can’t care about too many people. Because when he cares about you, things start to happen. Impossible things that can’t be explained. I know, because they’re happening to me.”

When Brontë starts dating Brewster “Bruiser” Rawlins – the guy voted “Most Likely to Get the Death Penalty” her twin brother, Tennyson, isn’t surprised. But then strange things begin to occur. Tennyson and Brontë’s scrapes heal unnaturally fast, and cuts disappear before their eyes. What at first seems like their good fortune turns out to be more than they bargained for…much more.


So I was really excited about reading another Neal Shusterman book, his writing tends to be unforgettable.

I wasn’t disappointed at all….phew!

Loved this book, loved the characters, loved the story, loved it!!

Someone (I don’t know who sorry) described Neal Shusterman as the Tim Burton of YA books, and that is a really good call.

If you have never read a Shusterman book before, firstly WHAT ?!?!?!

What he does in his books is a little like a college professer in class, he leaves you thinking “what would I do?”

Class……”If you could legally abort your child after the age of 13, just by signing a piece of paper that is legally binding, and that said child,now 15 years old pissed you off BIG TIME one night, would you sign it……what about in anger? would you”…………DISCUSS……..

^^^That above is what it is like reading Unwind, one of my all time favourite YA books, I haven’t met anyone that read it and went mehh, and if you say “that” scene to them, they just nod and shudder, ……….do it, read it.

In Bruiser, we meet Brewster “Bruiser” Rawlins, he is the boy at school you avoid, who never smiles, who never talks, who never looks you in the eye.

We also meet Tennyson and Brontè, twins from a loving stable family.

And lastly we meet Cody, Brewsters little brother.

There is a reason for Brewster (brew for short) being so stand offish, he cannot get close to anyone, otherwise it could literally kill him.

If you had the chance to take someone’s pain away would you do it? Where would this end? Bruises, cuts, broken bones?? And who would this stop at, just people you cared for? Just your family? ………….DISCUSS. ….

Brontè starts to go out with Brewster, much to her brothers dismay, after all he was voted the person most likely to get the death penalty!

However, a friendship arises between them all and everything is fine, until one day Brontè cuts her hand quite badly………..and then it is gone, and Brewster shows up with a sliced hand!

With a F’d up life living with his abusive uncle, this book shows us all 4 lives as they intermingle with each other, as it is told in 4 POV’s one of them being in verse.

Read this book, or something by Neal Shusterman, you will not be disappointed.

Have a Tip-Top weekend 😘

V x

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5 Star Friday #blogblitz The Girl With No Name by Lisa Regan @Lisalregan @bookouture #bookreview

It is Friday and I am so excited to be part of this blog blitz! I absolutely adored this book, it was unputdownable and I strongly encourage everyone to pick it up…

You can read my gushing five star review belowAnd I hope you all have a lovely weekend!😍

The Girl With No Name

Detective Josie Quinn is horrified when she’s called to the house of a mother who had her newborn baby snatched from her arms.

A woman caught fleeing the scene is Josie’s only lead, but when questioned it seems this mysterious girl doesn’t know who she is, where she’s from or why she is so terrified…

Is she a witness, a suspect, or the next victim?

As Josie digs deeper, a letter about a mix-up at a fertility clinic links the nameless girl and the missing child to a spate of killings across the county. Josie is faced with an impossible decision: should she risk the life of one innocent child to save many others… or can she find another way?

The Girl With No Name is nail-biting, twisty and impossible to put down.  If you love gripping thrillers from Angela Marson, Robert Dugoni and Rachel Caine, you’ll be hooked.

The Girl With No Name - Blog Tour


5 Stars With No Name 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

This is the second book in the Josie Quinn series and I loved it… it was even better than the first! I might need to rethink my entire I’m not crazy about police procedural thing…. because the last few I have read I have loved so much! This book had me from the first page and did not let go until the very last…. it was the kind of book you didn’t want to put down, because you had to know what was going on… and I was never disappointed by any of the twists and turns or reveals…. and as I was playing amateur detective I actually kind of got something right this time! There is hope all… there is hope!🕵🏻‍♀️

Josie is a great character… and I liked getting to know even more about her in this book…. there are a few secrets still to be revealed, but that just keeps me wanting more….. The character who I enjoyed the most in this book was Noah… I thought his character growth from the previous book was remarkable and I love his relationship with Josie…. Lisa Regan if you’re reading this review, I’d really love to see a little love interest between the two of them, just saying…. The character I am looking most forward to getting to know better is Gretchen… I’m sure that girl has a story to tell…. and the character I was most disappointed in in this book was Luke… for obvious reasons….

Along with all these fabulous characters we had a compelling story…. as I mentioned above I solved a little of the crime as I played detective… but WOW did not see all that coming for sure! And what I love about this is yes there was a big twist and reveal…. but all the pieces fell into place and it was extremely realistic…. as I’m sure you can tell from my review I am more than ready for the next book in this series…. cannot wait to see the growth in the characters and what they are up to next….

Strongly recommend to fans of crime thrillers with fabulous characters….

*** thank you so much too Bookouture and Net Galley for a copy of

this fabulous book ***

The Girl With No Name by Lisa Regan

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Author Bio:

Lisa Regan - Author PhotoLisa Regan is an Amazon bestselling crime novelist.  She has a Bachelor’s Degree in English and Master of Education Degree from Bloomsburg University.  She is a member of Sisters In Crime, Mystery Writers of America and International Thriller Writers. She lives in Philadelphia with her husband and daughter. Find out more at her website:


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Such Dark Things by Courtney Evan Tate ~Blog Tour~ @Court_Writes @InkSlingerPR #bookreview

TGIF🎉 today I am excited to be part of the blog tour for Courtney Evan Tate’s Book! Such Dark Things was definitely a very Dark book, filled with loads of twists and turns… you can find my full review below, and I think you’ll enjoy this book if you like your thrills with a lot of sizzle included🔥


From New York Times bestseller Courtney Cole, writing as Courtney Evan Tate, comes the psychological thriller that will keep readers up turning pages long into the night, SUCH DARK THINGS! “Written in breathless style, this page-turner relies on quick thrills, surprise twists…[for] readers seeking a fast entertaining tale…”(Publishers Weekly). Grab your copy of SUCH DARK THINGS today!




Dr. Corinne Cabot is living the American dream. She’s a successful ER physician in Chicago who’s married to a handsome husband. Together they live in a charming house in the suburbs. But appearances can be deceiving—and what no one can see is Corinne’s dark past. Troubling gaps in her memory mean she recalls little about a haunting event in her life years ago that changed everything.

She remembers only being in the house the night two people were found murdered. Her father was there, too. Now her father is in prison; she hasn’t been in contact in years. Repressing that terrifying memory has caused Corinne moments of paranoia and panic. Sometimes she thinks she sees things that aren’t there, hears words that haven’t been spoken. Or have they? She fears she may be losing her mind, unable to determine what’s real and what’s not.

So when she senses her husband’s growing distance, she thinks she’s imagining things. She writes her suspicions off to fatigue, overwork, anything to explain what she can’t accept—that her life really isn’t what it seems.


Grab your copy of SUCH DARK THINGS here!

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“Fans of domestic thrillers with an unreliable narrator will gobble this one up…Recommended for all thriller/suspense collections.”


Add it to your Goodreads Now! 




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 About Courtney Evan Tate:

Courtney Evan Tate is the nom de plume for New York Times bestselling author, Courtney Cole.  Courtney Evan Tate is her darker side… the side that explores shadowy places.

Courtney lives in Florida with her husband and kids.  She has a passion for raising drug addiction awareness, the Marine Corp (her middle son is a Marine) and being introspective on the human condition.

To learn more about her, you can visit



Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Goodreads



3.75 Majorly Messed Up Stars 🌟🌟🌟.75

I think the best thing to do with this review is to start out with how it has been marketed…. I would classify this book as Dark Erotica not as a psychological thriller….. there is a lot of graphic sex in this book, and if you do not read erotica you will not appreciate this book…. I read a few reviews from my Goodread’s friends and that was their main complaint… too much sex…. additionally let’s look at what this book was compared to… the movie Fatal Attraction…. OK I can see this Zoe definitely the rabbit boiling type of girl…. but the other comparison is the book TGOTT a book I didn’t even necessarily like… but there is nothing and I mean nothing…. other than the fact that there are female characters in both books that these books have in common…. I think 9 times out of 10 the comparisons to other books or movies don’t do any good for the book… because the expectation is never quite lived up to….

Now onto this book, I actually liked 90% of this book quite a bit….Corrine was a likable character and I really was curious as to what memories she was blocking from her past…. Zoe was the perfect crazy stalker character….. Jude quite frankly was just a weak man…. I believe everyone has the right to forgive somebody for cheating…. but in my book cheating is cheating is cheating is cheating….

I also liked the structure of this book…. told from both Corrine and Jude’s point of view…. we found out about the holes in Corrine’s memory right along with her…. there are some definite twists and turns I did not see coming, and a twist I was expecting that never happened…. probably would have even rated this book a bit higher if it weren’t for the ending… the ending frustrated and nauseated me just a little….

Would recommend to fans of Dark erotica….

*** thank you to the publisher for a copy of this book ***

Have a fabulous weekend! Berit💛