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Q & A with Joe Arden #Narrator #Audiobook @TheRealJoeArden

Joe Arden

Today we have the absolute privilege of a little Q&A with the Unicorn/Enigma narrator that is

Joe Arden

*Joe Arden’s narration has been described as “sensual,” “sexy,” and “hot.” His recordings range from sweet and romantic to steamy and raw. In his spare time, Joe raises and trains rescue pitbulls and restores vintage motorcycles.*Tantor media website


AKTBM: Audio killed the Bookmark
JA: Joe Arden

How did you become an audio book narrator?

I figured the next best thing to falling in love and having great sex was telling stories about falling in love and having great sex!

What might be a typical routine for you, before sitting down to record?

Cup of coffee, hike with the dog, 30 minutes of yoga.

You narrate quite a lot of dual audio books. Do you have a favourite person to work with?

Yes, but I’m not telling…

Do you have a recording studio in your home, or do you go into a studio to record?

I have a studio in my house and do most of my recording there, but sometimes I’m invited to work at remote studios which I’m always happy to do because it gets me out of the house and interacting with other people!!

Are you an audio book listener, do you prefer print, or are you *gasp* a non reader? If you are a listener / reader, what genres do you prefer?

I am an avid reader. I have always enjoyed the look and feel of a physical book. I am comforted by a row of book spines on a shelf. I also find my retention level is improved when I read a physical book because my tactile senses are involved in the recall process. I remember where certain text was on a page and how far into the book I was at the time.

With a scrollable PDF, you lose some of that.

Also, because I read PDFs all day for work, it’s nice to break that up in my free time with a beer and a paperback or a bourbon and a hardcover!

I like crime dramas and noir books. I love books that help me become a better dog dad, too!


What do your friends / family think of your job? Do they listen to your books or do they tease you because of the content?

My parents think I’m a doctor and my siblings are too embarrassed to even speak to me.


My family loves me and they have always supported me. They see that I love what I do, so they couldn’t be happier.

None of my friends have admitted to listening to any of my titles, but I’ll bet a few of them have…

Because you are such an enigma in the audio world, are you surprised about the fan base you have, and has anyone recognized you because of your voice?

Am I surprised about my fan base? Not really. I mean, have you heard me say ‘F***’ ??

I have never been recognized for my voice, but I was introduced to a friend’s sister at a wedding and she immediately pulled out her phone and scrolled through a column of my titles on her Audible account. I was extremely flattered.

Now you have joined the Twitterverse how are you enjoying it? Will you be joining Facebook or any other social media soon?

Twitter is great because it gives me a chance to connect with fans and help promote titles that I am particularly proud of.

I love doing giveaways on there as a way to thank my fans and celebrate specific projects.

Certain authors are such a treat to work with, so if I can help them generate some buzz and get fans excited about listening, then I want to be able to do that.

That’s probably the only place you’ll be able to find me, at least for a while.
So give @TheRealJoeArden a follow when you get a chance!

Are you aware of your many female followers and your hashtag #AndCock created for you in the fabulous Facebook group Aural Fixation, and if so, what do you think of it?

My mother would be so proud! 🙂

You are a 1 click narrator for me, regardless of the author. Because of this, I have discovered some new fabulous writers.
Is there a certain book you have narrated that you are particularly proud of?

I don’t want to highlight any one title because I’ve had the great fortune to work with so many wonderfully talented writers.

One of the perks of this job is meeting and getting exposed to the work of people I might not otherwise have come across.

I will say that the work can be particularly special when I read a story that happens to resonate with my life in a unique way. It’s hard to plan for that, but it’s exhilarating when it happens.

Last question: How would you recommend starting, to anyone interested in becoming an audio book narrator?

Go to a library or bookstore. Walk down a random aisle, close your eyes and select any title.

Take that book home and read it out loud to yourself in a closet for 3 hours.
If you haven’t gone insane, then start doing some research online on the best next steps.

There’s a lot out there already to help you get started!

Thank you Joe for choosing us for your first interview, and taking the time to answer these questions for our little blog, our ears (and hearts) can’t get enough of your smooth smexy tones!

Check out Joe Arden’s back catalog:

Audible US

Audible UK

Tantor Media


We are Berit and Vicci... two girls from different parts of the world who were brought together by Goodreads and a love of all things books 💕📚

14 thoughts on “Q & A with Joe Arden #Narrator #Audiobook @TheRealJoeArden

      1. So looking at the many I’ve listened to lol

        Cake by J Bengtsson is fab and super cute

        Ghosted by J.M Darhower is a lovely story and not so smexy 😇

        Taking Turns by JA Huss is downright sex on a stick, PLUS you also get Sebastian York narrating on that one too, those 2 together……I’m a pile of goo 🔥🔥

        Egomaniac by Vi Keeland is very funny, there are a lot of witty one liners, and i laughed a lot listening to that one

        Unloved by Katy Regnery is also a great listen and has all the feels.

        All of these are also reviewed on the blog too so you can check them out, have a little listen to the snippets and see what you think

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  1. I love Joe Arden! I listened to several books he’s narrated but I fell in love with him listening to the Cake series, especially the Newlyweds book. I couldn’t stop laughing. He’s an amazing talent. What I like most, (aside from his time and everything else everyone swoons over lol) is the emotion he puts into the storyline. And while I’m being honest, I actually like him better than SebYo but not better than ZW/JM. Sorry, not sorry! Anyway, Joe is an amazing talent and I can’t wait to continue buying anything he narrates! ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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