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Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi #AudiobookReview #Children of Blood and Bone @tomi_adeyemi

Happy Monday! And happy bank holiday to all of you in the UK!

Today we have Vicci’s stellar review of this YA fantasy book… now neither of us are huge fantasy fans, so the fact that she is giving at this gushing review, makes me think maybe I should give it a try… how about you?😉

Children of Blood and Bone

Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Magic Stars


Zélie Adebola remembers when the soil of Orïsha hummed with magic. Burners ignited flames, Tiders beckoned waves, and Zelie’s Reaper mother summoned forth souls.

But everything changed the night magic disappeared. Under the orders of a ruthless king, maji were targeted and killed, leaving Zélie without a mother and her people without hope.

Now, Zélie has one chance to bring back magic and strike against the monarchy. With the help of a rogue princess, Zélie must outwit and outrun the crown prince, who is hell-bent on eradicating magic for good.

Danger lurks in Orïsha, where snow leoponaires prowl and vengeful spirits wait in the waters. Yet the greatest danger may be Zélie herself as she struggles to control her powers—and her growing feelings for the enemy.



This debut book is quite simply beautiful, from the gorgeous cover, to the amazing story, I can’t wait to see what she writes next.

If you know me at all then you will know that fantasy books are in my “Hell No” pile, i just can’t, i’ve tried and tried, but the second Magic, or Dragons, or Sorcery is mentioned, i’m calling a taxi 😂

So imagine how happy i was that my Bingo Call this week in my Goodreads group was “Read a book with a main page genre of Magic) 😱😱😱
To say i was horrified is an understatement!

So i’m looking and looking and finding NOTHING, but this book kept popping into my feed and everyone was raving about it, i pulled up my big girl panties and grabbed that sucker the second i saw it was narrated by the amazing Bahni Turpin (Who narrated The Help & Allegedly)

I’m so glad I took the jump as this story was OUTSTANDING!!!

Set in a Western African world, Zélie lives with her brother and father, her mother was slaughtered along with hundreds of others in the Genocide or “The Raid” as it is now called.

The reason for the Genocide? King Saran, a horrid ruthless man who wants to rid the world of magic.

You see Zélie’s mother was a Maji (magic person) and she was executed on King Saran’s orders.

Zélie is now a Diviner (a maji with no powers), she, and all of the maji left are waiting for the day that her magic will come to her.

Told in 3 different POV’s this stunning debut story will have you cheering Zélie on as she makes her way with her brother to bring back magic.

🎧🎧Naration is completely magical, Ms Turpin manages to read all of those complicated African words and brings them to life, it was like a movie playing in my head.

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Truly worth reading,