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Love, Lies and Wedding Cake by Sue Watson #BlogBlitz #BookReview @suewatsonwriter @bookouture

Happy start to a lovely long weekend! Excited to be part of the blog blitz for this delightful book! Thank you so much to Kim for the invitation and to sue Watson for her amazing words that left me smiling and hungry for cake!🎂💕🎂


An absolutely hilarious, laugh-‘til-you-cry, romantic comedy about how life never quite goes to plan…

Faye is in crisis. You wouldn’t know it, because of the big fat smile on her face, but inside, she’s one step away from nuclear meltdown. And she shouldn’t be. Dan is the man of her dreams. And he’s just asked her to marry him.

But Faye’s been down the marriage road before and it ended up with her having Ryan Gosling fantasies while her ex-husband obsessed about the plumbing. Faye and Dan, on the other hand, have been living their lives to the fullest, travelling around the world, having sex under the stars… They’ve never argued about unrolling socks before putting them in the laundry.

Besides, even if she wanted to say yes, how could she move to the other side of the world? Because marrying Dan would mean living in Australia. Beautiful, warm and a gazillion miles from Faye’s daughter, Emma, a single mum with her own crazy little girl who both need Faye every single day. Leaving them – even for someone who makes her as happy as Dan – simply isn’t an option.

Dan is offering Faye everything she ever wanted. So why does she feel like she’s about to lose it all?

The most screamingly-funny romantic comedy of the summer – about secrets, second chances and following your heart. Perfect for fans of Sophie Kinsella, Jill Mansell and Milly Johnson.

~My Review~

5 Delicious and Delightful Stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Faye is being added to my book BFF list, and she might be the only member that was born in the same decade as me…. Sue Watson, where have you been all my life? This I am sad to say was my first book by this author, but I will from now on pick up every book that she writes! This book just had the perfect blend of romance, humor, friendship, family, and food…. I was seriously up all night reading this book, laughing so hard I was crying at two in the morning…. just needing to know how this book ended…. and then sad when it did…. because I couldn’t spend any more time with these fabulous characters….

I found Faye so relatable and I could really put myself in her position throughout this book… as a mother, as a single woman in her 40s, and as somebody who enjoys cake…. because of this I was so frustrated with other characters throughout the book, first it was Dan… I was so frustrated that he wanted her to move across the world to be with him…. there is NO way I would move states much less countries and leave my kids, especially for a man… then I got upset with Emma… how dare she not take her mother’s feelings into consideration, after all she’s done for her…. so as you can tell I projected some of my own feelings onto these characters…. and just like Faye by the end of the book my opinions might have changed on some of these points….

Faye was surrounded by such a wonderful group of people… Dan, her boyfriend who yes did frustrate me… but he really was a good guy… Emma her daughter, who did truly love her mother…. Mandy the owner of the beauty salon where Faye worked, she really did add some humor and charm to the story…. and last but absolutely not least Rosie Faye’s granddaughter…. Rosie would light up anybody’s life, every time she was in the book she put a smile on my face… couldn’t wait to hear the words that came out of her mouth after she put her hand on her hip…

Absolutely recommend when you are in the mood for a romance that is filled with love, laughter, and cake🎂

*** thank you so much too Bookouture and Net Galley for providing me with a copy of this delectable book ***

Love, Lies and Wedding Cake by Sue Watson
Sue Watson Pub PictureAbout the author: 
Sue Watson was a journalist then a TV Producer at the BBC until she realised that instead of working, she could stay at home, and write about exciting things like foreign travel and cake!

So far Sue’s written twelve books, and some have been translated into Italian, German and Portuguese (she’s big in Brazil!) Originally from Manchester, Sue now lives with her husband and teenage daughter in Worcestershire where her days are spent baking (and eating) lots of cake, while making big life decisions about whether to have Caramel Chew Chew or Salted Caramel ice cream while watching ‘My 600lb Life,’ on the sofa.

For more info visit Sue’s website;

Sue would love to meet you on FaceBook at

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Love Lies and Wedding Cake - Blog Tour Live, Love, Laugh, Berit 💛
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Amy Cole Has Lost Her Mind by Elizabeth McGivern #BookReview #BlogTour @rararesources @MayhemBeyond

TGIF! Wow this week went really quick! Today I am thrilled to kick off the blog tour for this wonderful book! Thank you so very much to Rachel for the invitation and to Elizabith McGivern for her wonderful and humorous story.😂😍

Amy Cole Has Lost Her Mind Blog Tour Banner

Amy Cole has lost her mind 

Amy Cole is a stay-at-home mum and a woman on the edge.

After a very public breakdown and failed suicide attempt, Amy finds herself trying to make it through her everyday life as a high-functioning zombie.

Elle De Bruyn is a force of nature ready to shake Amy back to life whether she likes it or not.

After a fortuitous meeting, the two embark on a journey together which will change them both and help them find out exactly what they’re capable of when rock bottom is just the beginning.

~My Review~

4.25 S.M.U.G. Stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟.25

Amy Cole has found a fan! This book almost did the impossible… it took very serious subject matter, handled it extremely well…. and added in a huge dose of humor… I was captivated and engaged in Amy’s life from cover to cover….

Amy has a miscarriage… 15%-20% of pregnancies end in miscarriage… I myself had two prior to having my three amazing beautiful healthy children…. but it is a lonely grief, because nobody feels the loss as much as you do…. Amy also suffers from depression and this really was a heartwrenching experience for her… I felt for Amy and I was always hoping for her to rally… as Amy tries to make herself better she meets two very important people Joseph and Elle….

Elle was fabulous and I loved the friendship that developed between Amy and her… also thoroughly enjoyed the battle between them and the S.M.U.G. Playgroup… A group of mothers that enjoy passing judgment on other mothers… Joseph was kind of a step in Fairy Godfather, just there with the right opportunity and right words at the right time….

I’m sure you’re thinking, where is the humor in all this? Well the humor was just everywhere… it was in Amy’s inner dialogue… and it really was in the antics that Amy and Elle got themselves into… also the kids absolutely added a dose of humor, as they always do…. I do need to mention Amy’s patient and understanding husband Ben… even though at sometimes he wasn’t quite as understanding or as patient as he probably should have been, he was in a tough situation, and he truly wanted nothing but the best for his wife…. so thrilled there is a follow-up to this book, I can’t wait to spend more time with Amy and family and friends…..

Absolutely recommend to people who enjoy a good story with relatable characters and The perfect dose of humor…

*** thank you so much to the author and Rachel at Rachel’s Random Resources for my copy of this book ***

Amy Cole - Final Cover

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Amy Cole - liz-9About Elizabeth McGivern

Elizabeth McGivern is a former journalist turned hostage-in-her-own-home surrounded by three men and a horrible dog named Dougal. 

In an effort to keep her sanity she decided to write a parenting blog after the birth of her first son so she can pinpoint the exact moment she failed as a mother. 

In an unexpected turn of events, the blog helped her to find a voice and connect with parents in similar situations; namely those who were struggling with mental health issues and parenting. It was because of this encouragement – and wanting to avoid her children as much as possible – her debut novel, Amy Cole has lost her mind, was born. 

Elizabeth lives in Northern Ireland although wishes she could relocate to Iceland on a daily basis. To witness her regular failings as a parent you can find her on: 

Facebook –

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Instagram –

Picture credited to Jess Lowe 

Amy Cole Has Lost Her Mind Full Banner

Never be too SMUG, Berit 💛