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4.5 Bewitching Stars🌟 The Death and Life of Eleanor Parker by Kerry Wilkinson @kerrywk @bookouture #BookReview

Happy Publication Day to this fantastic book!

I am over the moon to get to share my review of this book with you today! Many thanks to Noelle for my invitation to the blog tour and two Kerry Wilkinson for his bewitching words✨✨✨


Coming to you Today!

About the Book

‘I will never forget the night I drowned…’

Seventeen-year-old Eleanor Parker wakes up cold and alone in the river that twists through her quiet village. She remembers a hand on her chest, another on her head, water in her throat, those final gasps for air…

Her brother’s girlfriend was drowned in the same river the summer before, held under the water by an unknown killer.

Determined to unlock the mystery of what really happened that night, Eleanor can’t escape the feeling that something terrible links her to the previous summer’s murder. But will she discover the shocking truth, before it’s too late?

A gripping and extraordinary coming of age novel that will keep you guessing until the very end. 

My Thoughts

4.5 Bewitching Stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟

This was a young adult thriller with a paranormal twist and it was brilliant! I’d like to encourage you to read this book with an open mind and the understanding that not everything in this book is “believable“… because the only way it is possible for somebody to investigate their own murder is for there to be a supernatural element… requiring us the reader to stretch our imagination…. for me this just was the perfect shift making an ordinary story extraordinary!

17-year-old Eleanor wakes up on a river bank with no memory of how she got there… is she dead? Is she alive? Is she a ghost? People can see her, she can walk, she can talk… but she cannot smell, taste, feel, and she is oh so cold… now Eleanor is determined to figure out what happened the night before she ended up in the river and who tried to kill her… and will they try again?

Eleanor was such a likable character… I loved playing detective right along with her, everyone was a suspect… her boyfriend, her best friend, her brother, the guy working at the local diner… I must give a special S/O to that diner love the idea of a wall filled with cassette tapes…. antique cassette tapes… ugh makes me feel old!

This truly is a genre defying book that I strongly encourage you to give a try! This was one of the best young adult books I’ve read this year and the uniqueness and supernatural element of the story should really appeal to a broad audience of younger readers…. I also need to give Kerry Wilkinson major props… as a grown man he did a phenomenal job of writing a book from a female teenager’s perspective… I certainly hope this is not his last young adult book, because I for one am looking forward to many more!

Absolutely recommend to readers of all ages, this was a well-done thriller with a unique twist!

*** many thanks to Bookouture for my copy of this wonderful book ***

Buy Links:

Kerry Wilkinson

Meet Kerry

Kerry Wilkinson has had No.1 bestsellers in the UK, Canada, South Africa and Singapore, as well as top-five books in Australia. He has also written two top-20 thrillers in the United States.

As well as his million-selling Jessica Daniel series, Kerry has written the Silver Blackthorn trilogy – a fantasy-adventure serial for young adults – a second crime series featuring private investigator Andrew Hunter, plus numerous standalone novels. He has been published around the world in more than a dozen languages.

Originally from the county of Somerset, Kerry has spent far too long living in the north of England, picking up words like ‘barm’ and ‘ginnel’.

When he’s short of ideas, he rides his bike or bakes cakes. When he’s not, he writes it all down.

Upcoming US releases:
Behind Closed Doors (Jessica Daniel 7): Out now
Two Sisters (standalone): Out now
The Girl Who Came Back (standalone): Out now
Crossing The Line (Jessica Daniel 8): Out now
Scarred For Life (Jessica Daniel 9): Out now
One Cloudy Night (standalone): 2018
The Death And Life Of Eleanor Parker (standalone): July 2018
For Richer, For Poorer (Jessica Daniel 10): Out now

Nothing But Trouble (Jessica Daniel 11): August 2018

Recent and upcoming UK releases:
Eye For An Eye (Jessica Daniel): Out now
Last Night (standalone): Out now
The Death And Life Of Eleanor Parker (standalone): July 2018
To Have And To Hold (standalone): October 2018

Author Social Media Links:

The Life and Death of Eleanor Parker - Blog Tour

Be bewitched! Berit☀️✨

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Barnabas Tew and the case of the Missing Scarab by Columbkill Noonan @ColumbkillNoon1 @rararesources #GuestPost #BookBirthday

Barnabas Tew and the Case of the Missing ScarabBarnabas Tew and the Case of the Missing Scarab

Barnabas Tew, a detective in Victorian London, is having a hard time making a name for himself, probably because most of his clients end up dead before he can solve their cases. His luck is about to change, though, for better or worse: Anubis, the Egyptian god of the dead, notices him and calls him to the Egyptian underworld. A terrible kidnapping has occurred; one that promises to put an end to the status quo and could perhaps even put an end to the entire world. It is up to Barnabas (along with his trusty assistant, Wilfred) to discover the culprit and set things to right. Can he turn his luck around and solve the most important case of his life?

Barnabas Tew - Cover


Barnabas Tew - ColumbkillNoonanPhotoAuthor Bio – Columbkill Noonan lives in Baltimore, Maryland, USA, where she teaches yoga and Anatomy and Physiology.  Her work has appeared in numerous anthologies and magazines. Her first novel, “Barnabas Tew and the Case of the Missing Scarab” by Crooked Cat Books, was released in 2017, and her latest work, “Barnabas Tew and the Case of the Nine Worlds”, is set to be released in September 2018.

In her spare time, Columbkill enjoys hiking, paddle boarding, aerial yoga, and riding her rescue horse, Mittens. To learn more about Columbkill please feel free to visit her website (, on Facebook ( or on Twitter (@ColumbkillNoon1).

Social Media Links –  Facebook:


Barnabas Tew and the Case of the Missing Scarab

“Barnabas Tew and the Case of the Nine Worlds” is Barnabas Tew’s sophomore adventure, published by Crooked Cat Books (he debuted in last year’s “The Case of the Missing Scarab”) which is currently celebrating its first birthday! In “Nine Worlds”, Barnabas and Wilfred find themselves immersed in Norse mythology, but we aren’t here to talk about that, just yet. No, we are here to celebrate “Missing Scarab”’s birthday, and to talk a bit about Egyptian mythology, not Norse.

Except, of course, for one small point, which is that both of these mythologies have some pretty major thematic elements of angry (or uncaring) gods destroying the world as we know it (or, as Barnabas himself would put it, “I have to save the world, again?”). In Egyptian mythology it’s definitely a case of godly pique, if you will, whilst in Norse mythology it’s more just the natural cycle of things, but still, the end result is the same: world over, so long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye. (If this sounds familiar to you, it should: world destruction is a common theme in so many belief systems throughout history. Why humanity should be so, well, obsessed with the end of the world is a topic for another day, though!)

So what happened to end the world in Egyptian mythology, and what on earth (or below it, or above it, as the case might be) does Barnabas Tew have to do with it?

The story goes that Ra, displeased with what he saw as humankind’s ingratitude/lack of piety/arrogance, decided that people must be punished to teach them a lesson. To that end he unleashed Hathor (aka Sekhmet). Hathor was an otherwise rather benevolent deity; being the goddess of fertility, joy, and inspiration she was far more accustomed to bringing people happiness instead of putting an end to them.

Unfortunately for people, though, Hathor apparently had a bit of a temper, too. She took her orders from Ra and ran with them, embarking on a murderous rampage that nearly wiped out humanity before some of the other gods banded together and stopped her by….oh wait, I can’t tell you that, since that particular story plays a bit of a part in “Missing Scarab”. You’ll just have to find out alongside Barnabas, when you read the book!

This, of course, is where Barnabas Tew ties in to this whole “end of the world” thing. You see, the moral of the story seems to be that if humans can’t behave themselves properly, the gods will become angry and put an end to them. Invariably, though, some few survive to tell the tale (because what would be the point of an end-of-the-world story if the world really, truly ended? No one would be there to hear it).

And so it goes: evildoers push the world to the brink, and only intervention by a well-meaning someone will save everyone from certain destruction.

In “The Missing Scarab”, Barnabas is an earnest, well-meaning detective from Victorian London (although, he’s not terribly good at his job, no matter how hard he tries). Rather surprisingly he finds himself recruited by Anubis, the Egyptian god of the dead, to solve a case. The stakes?

Why, the end of the world, of course!

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Girls Night out by Liz Fenton & Lisa Steinke @lizandlisa @amazonpub #BookReview

Happy hump day book friends!

Delighted to share my review with you today for this book that is all about the complexities of female friendship!😍

Girls Night Out by Liz Fenton & Lisa Steinke

My Thoughts

4 Stars and A Margarita🍹 🌟🌟🌟🌟

First of all where can I get me one of these BLOWN brush things? Seriously the curly hair struggle is real!!!

My daughter and I were out to dinner tonight and we were talking about things and it came up that I am a girls girl, her… not so much… i’ve always had strong female friendships, and I’ve been beyond blessed to have had the amazing friends that I have had throughout my entire life…. yes even in high school! However even the strongest of friendships can be complex… and the more friends you add to the group the more challenging it can become, it’s hard to maintain a balance… sometimes even the most innocent of actions can cause a great deal of hurt… The fact that the authors of this book are friends added so much authenticity to the book, their friendship poured through the pages…

Ashley, Natalie, and Lauren have been the best of friends for decades… and even though they have been estrange from Lauren for the past year, Ashley is convinced she can rectify this with a fabulous girls getaway to Mexico… some sun, some sand, some tequila, and things will be as good as they used to be, right? Wrong! There are a lot of secrets and hurt between these girls, and even the best of margaritas cannot quickly fix this…

This really was a book about secrets and forgiveness… now I am a true oversharer so I wasn’t always sure why they didn’t share some of this information with one another? especially if they are friends? Just seems like a lot of problems could have been solved if everyone knew what was going on… but this seems to be very common in books and in life… seriously these girls knew how to keep a secret after three margaritas I’d be spilling my secrets to whoever would listen, LOL…. The forgiveness in this book was interesting, I felt some things were more forgivable than others…. how far can you push someone before they’ve had enough?

I liked how we got all three of the girls perspectives… Ashley was a hard character to have much sympathy for… she kept saying how much she wanted to repair their friendship, and then she had a guy spend most of their vacation with them? I would have found this so annoying! A girls vacation should be just that… a GIRLS vacation! Natalie and Lauren were much more likable and relatable, there were times in this book I thought they should just be BFFs and forget about Ashley!

This book really had a bit of everything friendship, secrets, forgiveness and a mystery… where is Ashley? And will Natalie recover her memory? This was just such a good story that truly explored the complexities of female friendship…. the good, the bad, and the ugly…. cannot wait to see what these authors have in store for us next!

Absolutely recommend to everyone who loves a book filled with secrets, mystery, and complicated female relationships…

*** Many thanks to Lake Union for my copy of this book ***

About the Book

For estranged friends Ashley, Natalie, and Lauren, it’s time to heal the old wounds between them. Where better to repair those severed ties than on a girls’ getaway to the beautiful paradise of Tulum, Mexico? But even after they’re reunited, no one is being completely honest about the past or the secrets they’re hiding. When Ashley disappears on their girls’ night out, Natalie and Lauren have to try to piece together their hazy memories to figure out what could have happened to her, while also reconciling their feelings of guilt over their last moments together.

Was Ashley with the man she’d met only days before? Did she pack up and leave? Was she kidnapped? Or worse—could Natalie or Lauren have snapped under the weight of her own lies?

As the clock ticks, hour by hour, Natalie and Lauren’s search rushes headlong into growing suspicion and dread. Maybe their secrets run deeper and more dangerous than one of them is willing—or too afraid—to admit.

Friendship Never Ends! Berit☀️✨

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5 Singing Stars🌟 The Accidentals by Sarina Bowen @SarinaBowen @katerudd #AudiobookReview

Happy hump day boys and girls!

I’m super happy to show you this beautiful YA book by the lovely Sarina Bowen.

If you like YA then this one is a must!

And just look at that gorgeousness that is the cover 😍

The Accidentals

The Accidentals by Sarina Bowen

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Accidental stars


Never ask a question unless you’re sure you want the truth.

I’ve been listening to my father sing for my whole life. I carry him in my pocket on my mp3 player. It’s just that we’ve never met face to face.

My mother would never tell me how I came to be, or why my rock star father and I have never met. I thought it was her only secret. I was wrong.

When she dies, he finally appears. Suddenly I have a first class ticket into my father’s exclusive world. A world I don’t want any part of – not at this cost.
Only three things keep me going: my a cappella singing group, a swoony blue-eyed boy named Jake, and the burning questions in my soul. There’s a secret shame that comes from being an unwanted child. It drags me down, and puts distance between me and the boy I love.

My father is the only one alive who knows my history. I need the truth, even if it scares me.



I listened to this bad boy all in one sitting, and i loved every single guitar picking second of it!

Rachel has always known that she had a famous father, her mother told her when she was very young, however she never told her any of the important information, like how they met, or stories about him.
The only thing she knew is that her father didn’t want her, and her mother didn’t like him, or men in general for that matter!

This unfortunately fuels Rachel’s fire and she uses this as a weapon against her mother by downloading all of his tracks, and putting posters of her father on her bedroom walls.

Rachel has never met, seen, or spoken to her father, but after her mother dies she has the chance of moving out of the Social Services children’s home, and moving in with her father, who turns up to meet, and claim her.

This story takes you on a roller-coaster of emotions, from the sweet grin that you give when she exchanges emails with Jake …….*swoon* to the fist pump in the air when she decides that maybe Freddie isn’t a complete douchebag after all!

I love the fact that Freddie didn’t turn into “superdad” all of a sudden and he had his fair share of f*ck ups, and i love the relationship between Haze & Rachel (Could be Hayes, not sure of spelling as on audio)

Considering this is the authors first step into YA she did a brilliant job made it seem like it’s her normal genre, for anyone that’s read any of Sarina Bowen’s other books you would know that it isn’t 😉

🎧🎧 Narrated by the always awesome and talented Kate Rudd, this book was brilliantly narrated and I would recommend it to anyone.

This one is well worth a credit get ready for those feels.


**I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review**

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4.5 Mind Blowing Stars🤯🌟 Believe Me by J P Delaney #JPDelaney #BookReview #PubDay

Happy Publication Day to this enthralling psychological thriller!

Thrilled to share with you today my review for this unique and dark thriller that I could not put down!

My Thoughts

4.5 Mind Blowing Stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟.5

WOW! What a crazy ride this book was! This book sucked me in from the very first page… and after it tossed me around and turned me on my head it spit me back out and left me spinning…. Claire I might need to crown you the most unreliable narrator of them all! Bravo! J P Delaney for writing such a unique and twisted thriller!

Claire is a struggling British actress living in New York without a green card… so what’s a girl to do? Claire being resourceful and an actress begins working for a divorce lawyer and becomes a decoy… trapping cheating husbands and making enough money to pay the bills, all seemeds good until… One of the wives she was working for ends up murdered… don’t even want to say anything else about the plot, because this is a journey best gone into blind…

This was an enthralling story that left me not trusting anybody! I thought it was so uniquely told I loved the script aspects… I loved all the psychology and the criminal profiling… The poetry discussed in this book will probably resonate with others more than me… poetry not my thing, to be honest I didn’t even know this was a real poet… color me ignorant! This was a group read and fortunately my fellow sisters were kind enough not to make me feel stupid when I excitedly told them that Baudelaire was a real live poet!🤦‍♀️

You do need to suspend belief for parts of this book and just go with it… but BELIEVE ME it is so worth it! The twists in this book they keep coming… this was a wild ride I was sad to have to get off of!

Strongly recommend to all fans of a well-done unique psychological thriller that will blow your mind🤯

*** many thanks to Valentine Books for my copy of this book ***

If you want the real 411 on the poet Baudelaire please visit one of my book Besties’ blog Mackenzie @PhDiva… she actually studied this poet in college in French, And I didn’t even know he was a real person! But to be fair I was a Kinesiology major! I know where your hamstring is!😂

About the Book

A struggling actor, a Brit in America without a green card, Claire needs work and money to survive. Then she gets both. But nothing like she expected.

Claire agrees to become a decoy for a firm of divorce lawyers. Hired to entrap straying husbands, she must catch them on tape with their seductive propositions. The rules? Never hit on the mark directly. Make it clear you’re available, but he has to proposition you, not the other way around. The firm is after evidence, not coercion. The innocent have nothing to hide.

Then the game changes.

When the wife of one of Claire’s targets is violently murdered, the cops are sure the husband is to blame. Desperate to catch him before he kills again, they enlist Claire to lure him into a confession.

Claire can do this. She’s brilliant at assuming a voice and an identity. For a woman who’s mastered the art of manipulation, how difficult could it be to tempt a killer into a trap? But who is the decoy . . . and who is the prey?

Enjoy the day! Berit☀️✨

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The Secrets of Villa Rosso by Linn B. Halton @LinnBHalton @HarperImpulse @rararesources #BookReview #Giveaway

Happy Tuesday book lovers!

Excited to be on the blog tour for this magical story! Many thanks to Rachel for my invitation and two Linn for her enchanting book!💜✨

The Secrets of Villa RossoThe Secrets of Villa Rosso

Some places stay with you forever…

When Ellie Maddison is sent on a business trip to Southern Italy, she’s reminded why she loves her job – set amongst rolling vineyards and rich olive groves, the beautiful Villa Rosso is the perfect escape from her life back home. But what Ellie isn’t prepared for is the instant connection she feels to the estate’s director Max Jackson, or the secrets they share that are as intertwined as the rambling vines that cover Villa Rosso.

It’s not long before Ellie finds herself entangled in the history of the place, trying to understand the undeniable effect Max is having on her. As their relationship grows, what will Ellie discover about this idyllic villa and those who have walked through its doors?

What started as a simple work trip will change Ellie’s life forever.

My Thoughts

4 Magical Stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟

This was a beautiful story with a sprinkling of something a little mystical, a little spiritual, a little paranormal… not even sure how to categorize it, and I’m sure each of us will take something a little different away from it, depending upon our own beliefs…. I found it quite magical and it left me feeling serene….

Once again I got to vacation vicariously through my book, this time we went to southern Italy! The descriptions were so vivid I felt as though I was there and as always when reading a book that takes place in Italy it made me hungry! Villa Rosso was located in such a charming village filled with such delightful, Artistic, and talented people….

Ellie was a wife to her soulmate Josh and a mother to her two teenage daughters… she has just begun working part time for an interior design company and when her boss/friend has a family emergency Ellie is called on to make a business trip to Italy…. when Ellie arrives in Italy she meets with Max and there is something between them… Ellie feels as though she knows Max and she feels as though she has been to Villa Rosso before… is this déjà vu? Is this kismet? Can you have more than one soulmate?

You need to know this is not a romance… even though it is a book filled with love… it is a story full of mystery, Secrets, and discovery…. it was quite unique and I can honestly say I have never read a book quite like this before… and even if you don’t believe in fate or deep connections, you can chalk it all up to coincidence… as I said everyone will get something a little different from this book….

Absolutely recommend when you’re in the mood for a book about love and secrets with a bit of a magical vibe…

*** many thanks to Harper Impulse for my copy of this book ***

Available Now

Purchase Link

The Secrets of Villa Rosso lrg

The Secrets of Villa Rosso - Linn

Meet Linn

From interior designer to author, Linn – who also writes under the pen name of Lucy Coleman – says ‘it’s been a fantastic journey!’

Linn is the bestselling author of more than a dozen novels and is excited to be writing for both Harper Impulse (Harper Collins) and Aria Fiction (Head of Zeus); she’s represented by Sara Keane of the Keane Kataria Literary Agency.

When she’s not writing, or spending time with the family, she’s either upcycling furniture or working in the garden.

Linn won the 2013 UK Festival of Romance: Innovation in Romantic Fiction award; her novels have been short-listed in the UK’s Festival of Romance and the eFestival of Words Book Awards.

Living in Coed Duon in the Welsh Valleys with her ‘rock’, Lawrence, and gorgeous Bengal cat Ziggy, she freely admits she’s an eternal romantic.

Linn is a member of the Romantic Novelists’ Association and writes feel-good, uplifting novels about life, love and relationships.

Social Media Links –

Read chapter one from each of Linn & Lucy’s novels: Website:

Twitter: @LinnBHalton and @LucyColemanAuth

Facebook: LinnBHaltonAuthor

Amazon author pages: Linn B. Halton and Lucy Coleman

The Rosso daisies

Giveaway to Win a signed copy of The Secrets of Villa Rosso (Open Internationally)

*Terms and Conditions –Worldwide entries welcome.  Please enter using the Rafflecopter box below.  The winner will be selected at random via Rafflecopter from all valid entries and will be notified by Twitter and/or email. If no response is received within 7 days then I reserve the right to select an alternative winner. Open to all entrants aged 18 or over.  Any personal data given as part of the competition entry is used for this purpose only and will not be shared with third parties, with the exception of the winners’ information. This will passed to the giveaway organiser and used only for fulfilment of the prize, after which time I will delete the data.  I am not responsible for despatch or delivery of the prize.

The Secrets of Villa Rosso Full Tour Banner

Don’t forget to check out the giveaway! Berit☀️✨

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The Gemini Connection by Teri Polen @TPolen6 @shananannigans81 #GuestPost

Tour Banner.jpg

The Gemini Connection 2D Cover.jpgThe Gemini Connection by Teri Polen

Publication Date: June 7, 2018

Genre: YA Dystopian

Teen twin brothers Evan and Simon Resnik are fiercely loyal to each other and share an unusual bond—they experience each other’s emotions as their own and can sense where the other is.

On their dying planet of Tage, scientists work tirelessly on its survival. Like the twins’ parents, Simon is a science prodigy, recruited at a young age to work with the brilliant creator of Scientific Innovations. To the bitter disappointment of their parents, Evan shows no aptitude or interest in science. As a Mindbender, he travels into the minds of scientists to locate buried memories, connect ideas and concepts, and battle recurring nightmares.

When Simon mysteriously disappears, Evan is plunged into a world of loss and unbearable guilt. For the first time, he can’t ‘feel’ Simon—it’s like he no longer exists. Evan blames himself. No one knows that he ignored his brother’s pleas for help on the night he went missing.

A year later, Simon is still gone. Evan lost his twin, but Tage might have lost its last hope of survival when it’s discovered that Simon’s unfinished project could be its salvation. Evan is determined to find him—somewhere—and bring Simon home. Their unusual connection might be more extraordinary than they know, and the key to locating Simon.

Add to Goodreads


Evan and Syd Battling a Nightmare

Now Available

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Black Rose Writing

About the Author

author photo

Teri Polen reads and watches horror, sci-fi, and fantasy.  The Walking Dead, Harry Potter, and anything Marvel-related are likely to cause fangirl delirium.  She lives in Bowling Green, KY with her husband, sons, and black cat.  Her first novel, Sarah, a YA horror/thriller, was a horror finalist in the 2017 Next Generation Indie Book Awards.  Visit her online at

Teri Polen | Facebook |  Twitter 

 Goodreads | Instagram | Pinterest | Book Bub


Enter for your chance to win a signed copy of The Gemini Connection and a $20 Amazon Gift Card!

 a Rafflecopter giveaway

Blog Tour Organized By:


R&R Book Tours

Guest Post

Identical twin brother main characters, Evan and Simon, in my new YA sci-fi/thriller, The Gemini Connection, may look alike and share an extraordinary bond, but that’s where their similarities end. While writing, I generally prefer to listen to music, as I did while drafting this book–but quickly learned each twin demanded their own playlist. And they were vastly different.

Simon is a science prodigy, and everything in his world is precise, meticulous, and fact-based. He sees things in black and white, rarely venturing into gray areas. That being said, Simon’s met someone who’s causing him to be uncharacteristically distracted and unfocused–he can’t get this guy out of his mind. While writing Simon’s character, he liked classical music in the background–especially cello music. I’m not really a classical music fan, but I can appreciate it. Once Simon’s relationship began with his new love interest, two songs jumped to the forefront: Sunshower by Chris Cornell, as played by Vitamin String Quartet, and Rachmaninoff’s Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini, Variation 18–you may know it as the theme from the movie Somewhere In Time. Simon may be highly logical in his head, but he’s a bit of a romantic in his soul.

Evan is a different story entirely. His mind is full of stormy emotions–doubt, anger, guilt, grief, determination, fear–he’s dealing with some pretty heavy issues. Between searching for Simon and feeling responsible for his disappearance, trying to prove himself to his parents, and sorting his feelings for someone very close to him, Evan’s a vessel of constantly churning emotions, and his choices in songs reflect that. He and I share much similar tastes in alt/rock music.

Bring Me to Life – Evanescence

Falling Apart – Papa Roach

Love Falls – Hellyeah

Hurricane – Thrice

Stand By Me – Ki Theory

Way Down We Go – Kaleo

I’d Rather See Your Star Explode – Slaves

Make This Go On Forever – Snow Patrol

Bother – Stone Sour

In the Air Tonight – Phil Collins

Angels Fall – Breaking Benjamin

Vengeance – Zack Hemsey

Their tastes may be polar opposites, but the music made it pretty to get into their heads, and I could see things playing out as I wrote. I’ve started drafting another book now, but I still miss my twins. Maybe a sequel one day?

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Forgive Me Not by Samantha Tonge @SamTongeWriter @rararesources #BookReview #PubDay

Happy Monday y’all!

Happy Publication Day to this beautiful story about forgiveness! Many thanks to Rachel for inviting me to the celebration and to Samantha Tonge for this compelling story😍

Forgive Me Not long - Lower qualForgive Me Not

Forgiveness can be hard to come by… An unputdownable new novel from bestseller Samantha Tonge

 How far would you go to make amends?

When Emma fled her home at Foxglove Farm, she’d let down and hurt those who cared for her most. But now, two years later, she’s ready to face up to her past; she’s ready to go back.

But Emma’s unannounced return causes more problems than she could have foreseen. The people she knew and loved aren’t ready to forget, let alone forgive. And the one person she wants to reconnect with the most, her mother, can’t remember who she is.

Just as Emma starts to rebuild trust, an uncovered family secret and a shocking past crime threaten her newly forged future…

Sometimes simply saying sorry isn’t enough.

Perfect for readers of Ruth Hogan or Amanda Prowse, this is an extraordinary and unforgettable novel about running away from yourself – and finding a way back.

My Thoughts

4 Captivating Stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟

This was a beautiful book about forgiveness, mistakes, second chances, addiction, family, and friendship… I have a very personal connection to this book… my life as well as the lives of my children have been touched by addiction… so when I read a book like this with an alcoholic who I am meant to sympathize with it is somewhat difficult… because I know far too well what it is like to pick up the pieces and hold a family together in the wake of addiction… will I ever forgive the person in my life who has left me to clean up the mess? Probably not! But I have to say Samantha Tonge has done an extremely good job of creating a very empathetic character in Emma…..

Emma returns home after several years away… she has spent time on the streets, battled her addiction, and now wants to return to her family… The reunion however is not filled with tears of happiness and hugs… her mother is suffering from early onset Alzheimers and doesn’t even know who Emma is… her sister Andrea is bitter and angry, Emma left her to deal with her mother’s health issues and all the family’s financial issues alone…. will the sisters ever have a strong relationship again? And does Emma deserve her sister’s love and forgiveness?

This book really gave you a lot of food for thought…. Emma was a very likable character, especially in the beginning when you did not know her past… but when do you remember the past and when do you let it go? There were times in this book I felt as though Andrea and the other towns people were being very harsh and unfair to Emma, but then I thought that was slightly hypocritical of me…. was Emma a good person who made some mistakes? And if so what should the cost of those mistakes be? I just don’t know…. are all actions forgivable?

This book also touches on the issue of homelessness… The homeless in this Book were referred to as “rough sleepers” a term I have never heard before… i’m not really sure if this added anything to the story? Although there was a character who I particularly liked that was homeless… also I am not quite sure what the laws in the UK are as far as mental illness and homelessness, so the problem might be completely different in the US? I have no idea…. I think it is a problem no matter where you are, it just might be a completely different problem from one country to another dependent upon laws….

This was a well told nicely paste story with well develop characters… absolutely recommend if you enjoy books that really make you think and don’t shy away from the tough issues…

*** many thanks to the publisher for my copy of this book ***

Forgive Me Not 2

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Sam Tonge - CaneloAbout Samantha Tonge

Samantha Tonge lives in Manchester UK and her passion, second to spending time with her husband and children, is writing. She studied German and French at university and has worked abroad, including a stint at Disneyland Paris. She has travelled widely.

When not writing she passes her days cycling, baking and drinking coffee. Samantha has sold many dozens of short stories to women’s magazines.

In 2013, she landed a publishing deal for romantic comedy fiction with HQDigital at HarperCollins and in 2014, her bestselling debut novel, Doubting Abbey, was shortlisted for the Festival of Romantic Fiction best Ebook award. In 2015 her summer novel, Game of Scones, hit #5 in the UK Kindle chart and won the Love Stories Awards Best Romantic Ebook category.





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The Vanished Child by M.J. Lee @WriterMJLee @rararesources #BookSpotlight

The Vanished ChildThe Vanished Child

What would you do if you discovered you had a brother you never knew existed?

On her deathbed, Freda Duckworth confesses to giving birth to an illegitimate child in 1944 and temporarily placing him in a children’s home. She returned later but he had vanished. 

What happened to the child? Why did he disappear? Where did he go? 

Jayne Sinclair, genealogical investigator, is faced with lies, secrets, and one of the most shameful episodes in recent history as she attempts to uncover the truth.

Can she find the vanished child?

This book is the fourth in the Jayne Sinclair Genealogical Mystery series, but can be read as a standalone novel.

Every childhood lasts a lifetime.

The Vanished Child Cover EBOOK

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Author Bio – Martin has spent most of his adult life writing in one form or another. As a University researcher in history, he wrote pages of notes on reams of obscure topics. As a social worker with Vietnamese refugees, he wrote memoranda. And, as the creative director of an advertising agency, he has written print and press ads, tv commercials, short films and innumerable backs of cornflake packets and hotel websites.

He has spent 25 years of his life working outside the North of England. In London, Hong Kong, Taipei, Singapore, Bangkok and Shanghai, winning awards from Cannes, One Show, D&AD, New York and London Festivals, and the United Nations.

When he’s not writing, he splits his time between the UK and Asia, taking pleasure in playing with his daughter, researching his family history, single-handedly solving the problem of the French wine lake and wishing he were George Clooney.

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Twitter –


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Dortmund Hibernate by C.J. Sutton @c_j_sutton @rararesources #BookReview

Happy Sunday book friends!

Delighted to be part of the blog tour for this author’s debut! Many thanks to Rachel for my invitation and to CJ Sutton for his compelling story🖤

Dortmund HibernateDortmund Hibernate

Psychologist Dr Magnus Paul is tasked with the patients of Dortmund Asylum – nine criminally insane souls hidden from the world due to the extremity of their acts. 

Magnus has six weeks to prove them sane for transfer to a maximum-security prison, or label them as incurable and recommend a death sentence under a new government act. 

As Magnus delves into the darkness of the incarcerated minds, his own sanity is challenged. Secrets squeeze through the cracks of the asylum, blurring the line between reality and nightmare, urging Magnus towards a new life of crime…

The rural western town of Dortmund and its inhabitants are the backdrop to the mayhem on the hill. 

It’s Silence of the Lambs meets Shutter Island in this tale of loss, fear and diminishing hope.

My Thoughts

4 Depraved Stars🌟🌟🌟🌟

Criminally insane:

A mental defect or disease that makes it impossible for a person to understand the wrongfulness of his acts or, even if he understands them, to distinguish right from wrong.

If anyone is charge with a crime and is found to be criminally insane they cannot be convicted of the crime.

The character Jack Torrance from the Shining was criminally insane.


criminally insane

.a person who exhibits actions that could be a potential danger to him/herself or others.

The murderer was criminally insane.

This book was SO dark! And that is what is to be expected when you are reading a book about the criminally insane and a doctor with questionable ethics…. now this is where things are sometimes different when we read books that are not set in your own country, the laws are different in the US then other countries… also this is a hypothetical situation… to decide if these inmates are capable of rehabilitation or if they should be put to death… Well according to my above definition by the very definition of criminally insane they are incapable of being rehabilitated… sorry I’m thinking out loud, this book really made me overthink things! It also creeped me out and made me really feeling quiteslimy…. ‘another book that left me feeling as though I really needed to take a shower (and not a cold shower)… from this desolate town, to the disturb characters, to the dark subject matter, this book pulls you in… and nothing was held back! As we got to know these inmates we were introduced to the horrors of their crimes… and a lot of them were quite brutal and gruesome and we got details… The language was also very colorful, these men were not censored…. so if you are not a fan of violence or bad language this might not… OK is not the book for you…

This was a well-done psychological thriller filled with plenty of twists and turns that leant a little to the horror Side of the genre… if this is your thing I strongly encourage you to pick this book up and try to read it while the suns still up!

*** many thanks to the author and Rachel at Rachel’s Random Resources for my copy of this book ***

Dortmun - Cover

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Dortmund - cjsuttonAuthor Bio –

C.J. Sutton is a writer based in Melbourne, Australia. He holds a Master of Communication with majors in journalism and creative writing, and supports the value of study through correspondence. His fictional writing delves into the unpredictability of the human mind and the fears that drive us.

As a professional writer C.J. Sutton has worked within the hustle and bustle of newsrooms, the competitive offices of advertising and the trenches of marketing. But his interest in creating new characters and worlds has seen a move into fiction, which has always pleaded for complete attention. Dortmund Hibernate is his debut novel.     

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