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The Shortest Way Home by Miriam Parker @miriamparker #BookReview

Hope you are having a lovely weekend! excited to bring you my review for this wonderful book full of fabulous characters and wine!🍷

The Shortest Way Home by Miriam Parker

My Thoughts

4 Stars and a Glass of Wine🍷 🌟🌟🌟🌟

This is a book all about finding the right path in life for you…. and what happens when you figure out your “dreams“ aren’t really your own? Would you be brave enough to veer off the path that everyone expects from you? And would you be able to sacrifice financial security for personal fulfillment? What really makes a person happy… money? Love? A feeling of purpose? This really was a book that made you think and made you want to visit Sonoma and have a glass of wine!

Hannah has just graduated from the MBA program at Berkley… she has everything a girl could want… degree from an elite school✔️ prestigious new job✔️ apartment in Manhattan✔️ equally successful and wealthy boyfriend✔️ so why is Hana so tempted to take this temporary low-paying job at a struggling winery? So is saying goodbye to her “dream life“ and saying hello to Sonoma the right thing to do for Hannah?

Hannah was a likable character and you really respected her for taking the harder path…. you will also love her character because she is a book lover and even better not a pretentious book lover! The setting at this winery in Northern California was absolutely stunning! I loved all the little tidbits we learned in this Book about wine making and marketing… I also really liked all the secondary characters and the sense of community in this book… there is a little romance in the book, but for me it really took a backseat to Hannas self discovery story… I am a huge fan of character development throughout a story and this book was all about Hannah‘s growth, and I loved it for that!

Such a delightful story filled with love, family, friendship, new beginnings, self discovery, and of course wine! Absolutely recommend!

*** many thanks to Dutton for my copy of this book ***

About the Book

In her debut novel crackling with humor, heart, and an unforgettable cast of characters, Miriam Parker follows one woman’s journey from Iowa to New York City to California wine country, to figure out what being true to oneself really means.

After years of dreaming of and working toward a life more stable than the one she grew up in, Hannah is finally about to have everything she ever wanted. With a high-paying job, an apartment in Manhattan, and a boyfriend about to propose, all she and Ethan have to do is make it through the last couple of weeks of grad school, and the future they had planned will be theirs to keep.

But when they take a romantic weekend trip to Sonoma, and Hannah is spontaneously offered a marketing job at the first (and seemingly financially unstable) winery they visit and doesn’t immediately refuse, their meticulously planned forever comes crashing down around them. And then Hannah impulsively does the unthinkable–she turns down her job in New York and decides to stay in California.

Abandoning your dream job and life shouldn’t feel this good. But for Hannah, it is an eye-opening experience; and she realizes that maybe, after all her dream-chasing, she hasn’t actually been caring for herself. And this new life certainly seems like a dream come true–living in a picturesque cottage overlooking a vineyard in lush Sonoma; new friends with pasts and hopes the likes of which she’s never encountered before; and William, the handsome son of the winery owners and an aspiring film director who captures Hannah’s heart only to leave the very city she let go.

The mission to rescue the failing winery becomes a mission to rescue Hannah from the image of herself she thought she wanted. The young girl who ached to escape Iowa and leave her past behind for a glamorous life is now given the chance to come to terms with the upbringing that made her who she is.


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