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The Christmas Wish by Tilly Tennant @TillyTenWriteer @bookouture #bookreview

Happy Tuesday book friends!

Today I have another charming Christmas book for you, this time the book takes you to Lapland and the sight of the beautiful Aurora Borealis! A huge thank you to Noelle for my invitation and to Tilly Tennant for this delightful story❄️


Christmas is coming but it doesn’t feel that way for Esme. Jilted by her cheating fiancée Warren and mourning the death of her beloved grandmother she’s determined not to let life beat her and books a trip to Lapland, on a holiday that her grandmother had always dreamed of taking.

Beneath the indigo skies of Lapland, love is the last thing on Esme’s mind but she can’t ignore a spark with Zach, a broodingly handsome actor, also nursing a broken heart. But when Esme is bombarded by messages from Warren promising he’s changed and she discovers that Zach is hiding something-will her head be turned? And when a trip to the northern lights reveals the full extent Zach’s own secret past is there any hope that Esme will get the happy ending that her grandmother wished for her?

My Thoughts

Star light, star bright, where the hell is Mr. Right?💫

This was a charming story filled with all the wonders of winter… this however was not a book filled with fluff, it took on some serious subject matter that added another dimension to the story… it also takes you to Lapland and The spectacular beauty of the Northern Lights… now I’ve never considered vacationing in a cold climate, but these lights are quite alluring…. I truly had no idea they were so colorful, I don’t know what I thought, But now I get the draw!

Esme has just left her lying cheating boyfriend and return home to live with her grandmother…. grandmother spoils her with the comforts of home and food and the two of them begin to fantasize about a trip to Lapland… but when Grandma is no longer able to go and Esme gets back with the lying boyfriend Warren, the trip might no longer happen… but when Esme realizes that lying is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Warren he is also manipulative and controlling, she begins to think that a solo trip might not be such a bad idea after all…. what I really liked about the travel company is that they introduced people traveling alone to one another, and so Esme met an eclectic crew of characters including Zack….

This book really picked up for me when they got to Lapland, I loved every single minute of that adventure… Esme really blossomed as a character when out of the clutches of Warren… there must be something so liberating about traveling alone, I’ve never done it, but I could see where it would just give you a confidence boost…. and it wouldn’t hurt if there was a handsome Zack on the trip as well… I really liked the relationship between these two it developed sweetly and slowly…. there was also a lot of will they? Won’t they? Zack has a secret and Esme has evil Warren…

This really is a heartwarming winter Romance with just a tiny dash of Christmas…. recommend to anyone who enjoys a nice sweet romance with some likable characters and a beautiful setting….

*** A big thank you to Bookouture for my copy of this book ***

23776_1435621208482_8239110_nAuthor Bio:

Tilly Tennant was born in Dorset, the oldest of four children, but now lives in Staffordshire with a family of her own. After years of dismal and disastrous jobs, including paper plate stacking, shop girl, newspaper promotions and waitressing (she never could carry a bowl of soup without spilling a bit), she decided to indulge her passion for the written word by embarking on a degree in English and creative writing. She wrote a novel in 2007 during her first summer break at university and has not stopped writing since. She also works as a freelance fiction editor, and considers herself very lucky that this enables her to read many wonderful books before the rest of the world gets them.

Hopelessly Devoted to Holden Finn was her debut novel; published in 2014 it was an Amazon bestseller in both the UK and Australia. In 2016 she signed to the hugely successful Bookouture and is currently working on her next Tilly Tennant novel. She also writes as Sharon Sant, where she explores the darker side of life, and Poppy Galbraith, where things get a little crazier.

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18 thoughts on “The Christmas Wish by Tilly Tennant @TillyTenWriteer @bookouture #bookreview

  1. I used to be a solo traveler though haven’t done it in about 3 years. Its adventurous though and does present some freedom to just be on your own. You have definitely gotten me curious about this one. Fab review!

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  2. Already reading Christmas books huh? I’m glad you enjoyed this book! I have been wanting to experience Northern Lights too but the cold isn’t my favorite thing hehe


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