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From the Dark by K.A. Richardson @kerryann77 @BloodhoundBook #bookreview

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My Thoughts

Who will save you when the monsters creep in?

This is a dark disturbingly compelling story… definitely not for the faint of heart, parts of this book are violent but not gratuitous…. this is the fifth book in the series, but it can absolutely be red as a standalone… I have not read any of the prior books and I had no trouble following along…

Do you believe in psychics? Well detective Mark McKay doesn’t… that is until he becomes involved with Toni, a gypsy, a psychic, a blast from the past… Toni has a vision of a young man being murdered, and reports it to the police… that is when she is hooked up with Mark the skeptic and old crush…. but it is tough to be skeptical when Toni’s visions seem to be true… thre mystery full of plenty of suspects and a sinister air….

Not sure if I believe in psychics or not, but I definitely do a little bit more after reading this book… Toni was a fabulous character and I really love how Mark and she played off each other… also loved the romance I thought it was very well done an added another layer to this story… I always appreciate a book of this nature more when I get a better insight into the characters and I definitely did with this book…

Absolutely recommend… a book Full of rich characters and a strong plot! Life can be ugly and brutal, this book does show you the darker side of life just keep that in mind before picking it up!

*** to Bloodhound Books for my copy of this book ***>

About the Book

When the ghosts of the past come calling, can she put her own fears aside and work with the police to help find who is torturing and killing young men?

Detective Sergeant Mark McKay has never had a need to solve a case using a psychic. He doesn’t believe in it – pure and simple. 

But when Antonia tells him the name of a young man and gives him details specific to the case, he can’t help but change his view when a body matching what she says, is found in the vaults deep under the city. 

Mark and Antonia race against a spree of monstrous crimes, long-standing grudges and the perils of the darkness in the vaults under Edinburgh to try and find a sadistic killer before time runs out. 

Can they stop him before he strikes again? 

Will they discover who is responsible? 

And can they do it without becoming victims themselves?


Meet the Author

About K.A. Richardson:
KA Richardson is a crime writer based in North East England. She has worked for the police for around 8 years, both as a CSI (crime scene investigator) and also in alternate roles involving dealing with people in heightened states of emotion. She spends a lot of time in coffee shshops, both writing and people watching. She began focussing on writing as a career in 2011 when she competed her MA Creative Writing, and focuses primarily on the crime/police procedural genre. 

K.A. Richardson’s Social Media Links:

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