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Resurrecting Rain by Patricia Averbach **Book Review** @tlcbooktours

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My Thoughts

Choices, consequences, grief, second chances, moving on. Patricia Averbach has written an absorbing story about family: the good, the bad, and the ugly. The story starts with Deena and husband Mark living the good life in an upper middle-class neighborhood. But things are not quite what they seem and the family is one bad decision away from losing everything. As things start to fall apart Deena realizess that she is going to need to rebuild again, and that might involve her facing her past secrets.

This book really made me ponder the question, can you ever escape your past? Deena had quite a few secrets that she was keeping from her family and I wasn’t quite certain what her motivation was. Was she ashamed of her past? Or where she came from? I found the story very interesting, but I really had a hard time connecting with Deena for a number of reasons. This is an absorbent story especially if you like books about secrets, Second chances, and family drama.

About the Book

Deena’s house is being auctioned off at sheriff’s sale and her marriage is falling apart. As her carefully constructed life unravels, her thoughts return to the New Moon Commune outside Santa Fe where she was born, and to Rain, the lesbian mother she had abandoned at fourteen. No one, not even her husband and children, know about New Moon or that she sat Shiva for Rain in exchange for living in her Orthodox grandmother’s house in an upscale suburb of Cleveland.

Deena’s story unfolds with empathy and wit as a cascade of disasters leaves this middle aged librarian unmoored from her home and family, penniless and alone on the streets of Sarasota, Florida. The novel is populated with deftly drawn characters full of their own secrets and surprises–from Deena’s blue haired freegan daughter who refuses to tell her parents where she lives, to the octogenarian TV writer who believes that crows are the reincarnated souls of Jews lost in the Holocaust. Deena loses her house, but will she find a home? Maybe the crows know.

Resurrecting Rain explores the unanticipated consequences of the choices that we make, the bonds and boundaries of love and the cost of our infatuation with materialism. At its heart the novel is a tale of loss and redemption, a reevaluation of our material culture and an appreciation for the blessing of friends and family. It demonstrates that sometimes you have to lose everything before you find yourself.

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