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Swipe Right by Stephie Chapman **Book Review** @botbspublicity @herabooks

Happy Monday all!

Hope you are doing well and reading lots of good books! This was another fun feel good romcom that put a big smile on my face!🥰

My Thoughts

Fun and flirty. Stephie Chapman has written an engaging enemies to friends to lovers Will they won’t they story. Fran and Ollie meat when they are both interviewing for the same job. Fran instantly does not like Ollie, but when they both get the job and start working together they start to form a friendship. There is definitely chemistry between the two, but they are both involved with other people. Time goes by and the bond deepens between Fran and Ollie, Fran and her boyfriend break up. Newly single Fran starts to write a column about her experience with dating using a dating app. What follows is a cute story filled with right swipes, bad dates, cute costumes, fun parties, tacos and guacamole, pub nights, and complicated relationships.

Fran was a fun relatable character that I’d love to be friends with. I was glad to see her end things with her boyfriend Lucas, he definitely did not deserve her, but I was not always convinced that Ollie deserved her either. This book is compared to one of my favorite romcom movies “When Harry Met Sally”, and I can see it. As far as the friends to lovers trope and the can men and women ever truly be just friends question. Although I don’t think Harry ever dated anyone as unlikable as Ollie’s girlfriend Lou. I mean I understand why she did not like Fran, I probably wouldn’t either given the circumstances, but she just seemed angry. So I think the fact that I didn’t always understand Ollie and Lou’s relationship took a little bit away from the book for me. But I did love Fran and her friends, they were very there for her. I also had fun reading about Fran’s really bad dates, and wow did she have some bad luck. This was a charming escapist read with some delightful characters, humorous moments, and a sweet very slow burn romance.

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*** Big thank you to Hera Books for my gifted copy of this book. All opinions are my own. ***

About the Book

Love could be a click away… Or in the last place you expected.

When Fran meets Ollie, it’s eye roll at first sight. Who does he think he is – with his Ray-Bans, piss taking and artfully styled hair? Forced into working together at Viral Hive, the trendy media content agency, at first they butt heads, but soon realise that they could be BFFs. Fran’s happily settled with boyfriend Lucas, while Ollie is fully committed to girlfriend Lou.

But when Fran’s relationship crumbles, and Ollie sets off with Lou for a round-the-world trip, she decides to start an anonymous dating column, detailing all the perils of dating online – from the bloke who angrily demanded she share the bill when she refused his clumsy advances, to the one that ended their date by weeping into her cleavage – even if it seems that all the good (or even normal?) men are hiding. Maybe there aren’t plenty more fish in the sea?

But, on her dating journey of discovery, Fran’s about to learn that sometimes love can be where you least expect it… you just have to put down your phone.

This hilarious romantic comedy is When Harry Met Sally for the Tinder age – will make you laugh and cry! Perfect for fans of Mhairi MacFarlane, Lucy Vine and Sophie Ranald.

About the Author

Stephie was born in England in the mid 1980s, which makes her thirty-something (but if you ask, she’ll probably tell you she’s 27). Now, she lives on the South coast of the UK, has a day job to keep her holiday budget topped up, and two kids and a husband to keep an eye on.

Get in touch on Twitter @imcountingufoz

Stephie was born in England in the mid 1980s, which makes her thirty-something (but if you ask, she’ll probably tell you she’s 27). Now, she lives on the South coast of the UK, has a day job to keep her holiday budget topped up, and two kids and a husband to keep an eye on.

Get in touch on Twitter @imcountingufoz

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Heart and the City by Cecilia Fyre **Cover Reveal** @rararesources @ceciliafyre

Available May 25, 2020

Heart and the City (Book 1 in the Love Medicine series

British doctor Lea Holm has come to New York to work in her chosen field of emergency medicine. She loves her new life in this exciting city and can’t wait to get started with her research project. The last thing she needs are distractions.

But then she meets famous actor Ricco Como in her building – a distraction if ever there was one. He’s gorgeous and sweet, and there’s an immediate connection between them. Lea tries to resist temptation, but when he comes to her for help dealing with his steadily worsening migraine she can’t turn away from his plight.

As Ricco’s health takes a turn for the worse, their lives become more and more entwined. But can their growing attraction withstand the strain of his ill health, and can he let Lea be more than just his doctor?

**This novella series contains detailed descriptions of long-term health conditions, cheating and a bereavement.**

The series is set in New York City and was written before COVID-19. It makes no reference to recent events.

Pre-Order Link –

Publication Date: 26th May

Author Bio –

Cecilia Fyre is the pen name of a romance author trying out something new.

She likes sunny, crisp autumn days. Cups of hot cocoa with little marshmallows floating on top. The roaring of the sea. Laughing until your face hurts. The silence when you curl up with a good book. 

Her stories are about people. Some of them are strange, some think they’re boring. They all have secrets, they’re all scared sometimes. Cecilia writes about life, about love. About how hard it is to do it right. Usually, there’s a happy ending, or at least there might be one, someday.

But life’s not all sunshine and roses, and that’s why Cecilia tells her stories.

In the real world, Cecilia lives in England.

Social Media Links –