Swiss Archaeologists Discover an Ancient Arrowhead Made from Meteorite Iron

Archaeologists and researchers at the Natural History Museum of Bern have discovered a fascinating artifact, which has not only shed light on ancient European metallurgy practices but also highlighted the widespread trade routes in place during that time. The finding comprises a meteoritic iron arrowhead, dated between 900-800 BC and uncovered near the shores of […]

Dubai Design Week: Fostering Sustainable Innovations

Emphasizing Sustainability in Dubai Design Week In recent years, the focus on sustainable practices and materials has significantly increased. This year’s Dubai Design Week takes sustainability to new heights by featuring various installations that emphasize eco-friendly materials and methods. These unique pieces come from a wide range of talented designers, architects, and artists who have […]

Empowering Nairobi Slum Communities Through Functional Furniture Design

An Italian Designer’s Humble Beginnings Giacomo Moor, an acclaimed Italian designer, embarked on a project that would change lives in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya. When invited to design and create furniture for a school located in one of Nairobi’s informal settlements last year, he immediately knew that his ideas needed to be functional, simplistic, […]

Discovering the Thrill and Significance of Rooftop Photography

Rooftop Photography: Balancing on the Edge of Peril and Beauty There is something undeniably captivating about the idea of capturing breathtaking cityscapes perched on the edge of a skyscraper. Rooftop photography combines the thrill of adventure, the artistry of composition, and the inherent danger of extreme heights to create stunning visual narratives that leave viewers […]

Unveiling the 2023 White House Holiday Decor: Magic, Wonder, and Joy

Every year, first ladies have played a significant role in decorating the White House for Christmas season. From setting themes to overseeing elaborate arrangements, they’ve been synonymous with the grandeur and sparkle of White House holiday decor. This year, Dr. Jill Biden invites us all to experience “Magic, Wonder, and Joy” through her whimsical decorations, […]