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4.5 Page Turning Stars🌟 Three Days Missing by Kimberly Belle @kimberlysbelle @harlequinbooks #BookReview

Hope your Monday is going well my book friends! Excited to share my review of this thrilling book with you!💕

Three Days Missing

Three Days Missing by Kimberly Belle

My Thoughts

4.5 Page Turning Stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟.5

WOWZA!!! Could not get through this book quick enough! If you are a parent I’d strongly encourage you not to read this if your children are away at summer camp or even at a friends for a sleepover… you will want to make sure they’re sleeping soundly in their own bed or within ear shot… this book is about every parents worst nightmare… that phone call in the middle of the night to let you know your child is MISSING… Kimberly Belle almost did too good of a job making you feel the intense terror, the stress, the hope, and the loss, that these mothers did in this book… as a mother sometimes it was a bit excruciating and almost too real… I found myself reminding myself that this is just a book, and thank goodness!

Kat is a newly single mom and the mother of brilliant nine-year-old Ethan… Kat is a conscientious mother and a little hesitant to send her nine-year-old off to a sleepover field trip with his class especially because, Ethan has a hard time fitting in…. at first I was thinking this was a little young to go off on a sleepover field trip, but all my kids went to science camp in the fifth grade when they were around 10 years old…. Lucky for them I had not read this book right before that! Kat was tremendously relatable, just a good mom trying to give her child a good life filled with all kinds of opportunity…. i’m guessing every mom who reads this book will put themselves in her position *shutter*

Not only do we get the perspective of Kat in the book but we also get the perspective of Steph…Steph is the mother of Sam one of Ethan‘s classmates…. these two mothers stories intertwined… and even though they appear very different on the outside, they are both fierce mothers on the inside…. going to stay vague on the connection between these two ladies, because I don’t want to ruin anything, but I found both of their points of view extremely compelling….

This was a fast-paced perfectly plotted book… filled with all the twists, and turns, and reveals, you’d want from a psychological thriller….. did not see who was the bad guy coming and I really did not see that final twist! My only slight minor complaint is some things Ethan did seemed a little advanced for a nine-year-old, even a brilliant nine-year-old, but this is fiction…

Strongly recommend this to all my psychological thriller loving friends, this is one that will keep you turning the pages and up late into the night!

*** many thanks to Harlequin for my copy of this book ***

About the Book

When a child goes missing, two mothers’ lives collide in a shocking way in this suspenseful novel from the bestselling author of The Marriage Lie .

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare: the call that comes in the middle of the night.

When Kat Jenkins awakens to the police on her doorstep, her greatest fear is realized. Her nine-year-old son, Ethan, is missing—vanished from the cabin where he’d been on an overnight field trip with his class. Shocked and distraught, Kat rushes to the campground where he was last seen. But she’s too late; the authorities have returned from their search empty-handed after losing Ethan’s trail in the mountain forest.

Another mother from the school, Stef Huntington, seems like she has it all: money, prominence in the community, a popular son and a loving husband. She hardly knows Kat, except for the vicious gossip that swirls around Kat’s traumatic past. But as the police investigation unfolds, Ethan’s disappearance will have earth-shattering consequences in Stef’s own life—and the paths of these two mothers are about to cross in ways no one could have anticipated.

Have a lovely day! Berit☀️💋

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5 Brilliant Stars🌟 The Ex-Wife by Jess Ryder @jessryderauthor @bookouture #BookReview

Happy Hump Day all! Thrilled to be part of the blog blitz for this brilliant book! Many thanks to Noelle for the invitation and to Jess Ryder for this incredible book!😍



You’ve got everything she wants …

Newly married Natasha has the perfect house, a loving husband and a beautiful little girl called Emily. She’d have it all if it wasn’t for Jen, her husband’s ex-wife who just won’t leave them alone …

Then Natasha returns home one day to find her husband and Emily gone without trace. Desperate to get her daughter back, Natasha will do anything even if it means accepting an offer of help from Jen. But can she trust her? And do either of them really know the man they married?

If you loved The Girl on the Train, Gone Girl or The Couple Next Door then this dark, twisting psychological thriller from Amazon chart bestseller Jess Ryder is guaranteed to have you gripped.

~My Review~

5 Brilliantly Twisted Stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Wow wow wow this book was simply brilliant! Jess Ryder Took me on one crazy ride…. this is my first book from this author, but it is definitely not my last! Admittedly up until about 35% I was a little unsure as to what was going on and then… BAM! huge swerve and then the twists kept coming!

Natasha has the perfect life, a doting husband, a beautiful daughter, the only problem…. the ex-wife… then one day Natasha arrives home to find no Nick, no Emily, no belongings… what is going on? Natasha is a terribly likable character and you just want her to figure all of this out, and get her daughter back….

The story is told from two points of view… Natasha then and Anna now… Anna is on the run, but from who? And why? And who is Anna? Oh what a well plotted story this is! As those layers start peeling away you start finding out secret after lie after secret after lie…. leaving you to believe absolutely nobody…. and the very end, creepy!

I read this book with my friend Mackenzie, who found a blog article written by the author…. to sum it up the author says the best way to create a good psychological thriller is to alter the readers perception and then let their imagination take over…. and that’s exactly what she did in this book, well done Miss Ryder 🥂

Absolutely recommend to fans of a good twisty psychological thriller… this is a must read!

*** many thanks too Bookouture for my copy of this book ***


Jess Ryder Author PhotoAuthor Bio:

Jess Ryder is the author of three psychological thrillers – ‘Lie to Me’ (April 2017) and ‘The Good Sister’ (August 2017), and The Ex-Wife (June 2018) -all published by Bookouture. She also writes books for children, teens and young adults as Jan Page, with many titles published including ‘Selina Penaluna’. With many years’ experience as a scriptwriter, she loves watching television crime drama. Jess is a passionate reader and particularly enjoys thrillers. She blogs about writing, reviews books and interviews writers at

Jess lives with her partner in London, UK and has four grown-up children.
Author Social Media Links:




The Ex Wife - Blog Tour

Happy Reading! Berit 💛

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Watch Me by Jody Gehrman #BookReview @jodygehrman #Disturbed

Happy Saturday y’all! Today I am bringing you my very first Net Galley review, for this fabulously disturbing book 📚 🖤Watch Me

Watch Me by Jody Gehrman

4.25 seriously disturbing stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟.25


For fans of dark and twisty psychological thrillers, Watch Me is a riveting novel of suspense about how far obsession can go.

Kate Youngblood is disappearing. Muddling through her late 30s as a creative writing professor at Blackwood college, she’s dangerously close to never being noticed again. The follow-up novel to her successful debut tanked. Her husband left her for a woman ten years younger. She’s always been bright, beautiful, independent and a little wild, but now her glow is starting to vanish. She’s heading into an age where her eyes are less blue, her charm worn out, and soon no one will ever truly look at her, want to know her, again.

Except one.

Sam Grist is Kate’s most promising student. An unflinching writer with razor-sharp clarity who gravitates towards dark themes and twisted plots, his raw talent is something Kate wants to nurture into literary success. But he’s not there solely to be the best writer. He’s been watching her. Wanting her. Working his way to her for years.

As Sam slowly makes his way into Kate’s life, they enter a deadly web of dangerous lies and forbidden desire. But how far will his fixation go? And how far will she allow it?


Not sure what it says about me that I enjoyed spending time in the mind of crazy… there is just something I find enjoyable (for lack of a better word) when people like Sam justify their crazy actions in their own mind….

Sam is definitely completely out of his mind…. he has spent the past five years planning his perfect life with Kate, the problem is Kate and Sam have never even met… Kate is a lesser known author, but after Sam saw her picture on the back of a book cover, he just knew they were meant to be!

Sam takes stalking to the next level… however, Kate (who I am assuming is an intelligent woman because she is an English professor) doesn’t seem to clue into this when it seems fairly obvious…. and then even when she does clue in she seems more flattered than anything else, I think this just encouraged Sam even more….

Ironically I really actually like Sam more than Kate in this book, he did have a certain charm to him (Please keep in mind I have extremely bad taste in men)…. Kate was really hard for me to read and very hard for me to relate to, I almost would have preferred a book from only Sam’s perspective…. perhaps then I would have more empathy for Kate….. The very ending to this book was ironic and perfect!

This book definitely is not for everybody, but if you enjoy twisted, disturbed, and interesting characters, I’d recommend this to you!

*** I’d like to thank Net Galley and St Martins Press for a copy of this book ***

Cheers 🥂 Berit 💛

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Tell Me A Secret by Samantha Hayes #BlogBlitz #BookReview @samhayes @bookouture

Happy Thursday all! Thrilled to be part of the blog blitz for this fabulous psychological thriller that kept me up all night! Many thanks to Kim for the invitation and to Samantha Hayes for her wonderful words!💕



Tell her all your secrets and she’ll tell you all her lies…

Everything in Lorna’s life runs like clockwork, from her 6 a.m. morning run to the strict 60-minute counselling sessions she gives. It’s the only way she can deal with the terrible secret she carries.

When a new client arrives for his first appointment, Lorna feels her perfect life unravel in a matter of seconds. It’s Andrew, the man she’s spent the last year desperately trying to forget. It seems he can’t forget her either…

Against her better judgement she anonymously contacts him on a dating site. Messaging him could mean the end of her marriage and her career, but she needs to know if his motives are genuine.

When Andrew is found dead in his home, grief quickly turns to fear when messages from him continue to arrive on Lorna’s phone. Somebody knows her secret and wants to use it to destroy everything she has.

Will she risk her family and her sanity to keep her secret? Will she risk her life…?

If you love twisty psychological thrillers that get under your skin, like The Girl on the TrainI Let You Go or anything by Louise Jensen, you’ll be utterly blown away by the jaw-dropping lies in Tell Me a Secret.

~My Review~

4.5 Twisted Stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟.5

Samantha Hayes… WOW! What a crazy ride you just took me on! I’d like to thank you for that and blame you for a sleepless night…. i’d suggest you go into this book completely blind, don’t read the blurb, don’t read the reviews (except for mine😉) this book was filled with twist that I did not see coming, and if you do major props to you! There were so many times I was certain I had figured it all out but NOPE!

Lorna was a serious hot mess… she was self-centered, manipulative, a liar, and a therapist… I found this quite amusing, just what you want from a therapist for them to be a bigger mess than you are….Lorna also has a big secret, she had an affair… now the man is back and she can’t seem to stay away…. her feelings towards this man were obsessive… so obsessive that it caused problems not only in her personal life, but in her professional life as well…. I kept thinking there has to be more to this, to cause a intelligent woman to behave this way….

The majority of the book is told from Lorna‘s point of view, with an occasional journal entry from her, and an unknown character named Nikki… Who is Nikki? Well I had lots of theories on this one, all wrong! Wonderful psychological thriller filled with all the twists and turns you’d want and an ending that was quite explosive!💥

Absolutely recommend two fans of a twisty psychological thriller!

*** many thanks to Bookouture and Net Galley for my copy of this fabulous book ***

Buy Link:

NEW Samantha Hayes author photoAuthor Bio:

Samantha Hayes grew up in Warwickshire, left school at sixteen, avoided university and took jobs ranging from private detective to barmaid to fruit picker and factory worker. She lived on a kibbutz, and spent time living in Australia and the USA, before finally becoming a crime-writer.

Her writing career began when she won a short story competition in 2003 and her ninth novel, THE REUNION, was published in February 2018. Her novels are family-based psychological thrillers, with the emphasis being on ‘real life fiction’. She focuses on current issues and sets out to make her readers ask, ‘What if this happened to me or my family?’

Tell Me A Secret is out now! To find out more, visit her website
Or connect with Samantha on Facebook
And she’s on Twitter @samhayes

Tell Me A Secret - Blog Tour

Have a wonderful day! Berit 💛 and thank you for all your likes and shares, always so appreciated!

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Songs of Innocence by Anne Coates #BlogTour #BookReview @UrbaneBooks @Anne_Coates1 #SongsofInnocence #LoveBooksGroupTours

Another quick week! Time sure flies when you’re reading!📚
Today I am thrilled to be part of the blog tour for this gem of a book🕵🏻‍♀️
Songs of Innocence - Book Cover
A Woman’s body is found in a lake.  Is it a sad case of suicide or something more sinister?  Hannah Weybridge, still reeling from her friend’s horrific murder and the attempts on her own life, doesn’t want to get involved, but reluctantly agrees to look into the matter for the family.
The past, however, still stalks her steps, and a hidden danger accompanies her every move.
The Third in the bestselling Hannah Weybridge thriller series, Songs of Innocence, provides Hannah with her toughest and deadliest assignment yet…

About the Author

Anne Coates Author ImageReading and writing has been Anne Coates’ passion for as long as she can remember. Instilled and inspired by her mother and by the Deputy Head at her secondary school who encouraged her hunger for reading by granting her free access to the books not yet in the school library, and she feels still grateful for this, in her eyes, amazing privilege.

After her degree in English and French, Anne moved to London to stay. During her career she worked for publishers, as a journalist, writer, editor, and translator. The birth of her daughter, Olivia inspired her to write non-fiction books, such as ‘Your Only Child’ (Bloomsbury, 1996), books about applying to and surviving university (NeedtoKnow, 2013), but also short stories, tales with a twist, and stories exploring relationships, published in two collections by Endeavour Press (2015).

The sometimes strange places Anne visited as a journalist often made her think “What if…” And so, investigative journalist Hannah Weybridge was born… The Hannah Weybridge series currently consists of three books, all published by Urbane Publications: ‘Dancers in the Wind’ (2016), ‘Death’s Silent Judgement’ (2017), and ‘Songs of Innocence’ (2018).

Anne Coates lives in London with three demanding cats and enjoys reading, going to the theatre and cinema, wining and dining.

Where to find Anne Coates
Author Website:
FB Author Page:
Parenting Website – Twitter:

songs of innocence

~My Review~

4 Super Stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟

This is the third book in the Hannah Weybridge crime thriller series…. Hannah was such a strong, likable, and resourceful woman…. I just thought she was so well developed even though I’m sure I missed some character developement in the previous books… I think the only thing I would’ve liked is maybe a little more family life, but I might be in the minority on that….

The case was dark and complex…. was it suicide or was it murder? I found so much of this case quite intriguing and educational actually…. it’s so hard with a book like this to review, because you don’t want to give anything away… do I recommend? Absolutely…. this was a wonderful crime thriller, however I do wish I had started with the first book…

PS Anne I have three cats too!😻😻😻

Have a lovely day! Berit 💛

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The Millionaire’s Wife by Shalini Boland #ReleaseBlitz #BookReview @shaliniBoland @bookouture

Happy Monday all! Today I am bringing you my review for a book that was originally self published by Shalini Boland, And is now being published by Bookouture… loved this book filled with twists, turns, secrets, and lies…. That’s what fabulous psychological thrillers are made of!💜

The Millionaire's Wife

The Millionaire’s Wife by Shalini Boland

4.25 Who Can You Trust? Stars🌟🌟🌟🌟


How far would you go for the one you love? Lie…cheat…KILL?

When a woman is killed on the other side of the world, Anna Blackwell realises that her past has caught up with her. That her greatest fear is about to come true. That it’s her turn next.

Uncover a web of lies and deceit in this chilling, twisty suspense thriller.


4.25 Who Can You Trust? Stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟.25

Shalini Boland has become an autobuy/request author for me… her writing style flows so well and has such a crisp and clean feeling to it (not even sure if that makes sense, but it does in my head)… this book was originally self published and now is being brought to you by Bookouture…. I had a busy reading weekend and this book made it so easy… after I picked it up I did not want to put it down… I needed to find out what was going on?

Anna appears to have it all… a beautiful home… a loving husband… the problem? Anna has a secret or four… Anna was a super likable character, although she did a lot of really stupid things… there were times in this book I wanted to reach through those pages and knock some sense into her… thankfully she had some people around her with a little more common sense… there were secondary characters in this book that surprised me, but I can’t say much more than that…. in a book filled with so many twists and turns I can’t tell you how I felt about the other characters… because you need to go into this without knowing who you can trust…

Moral of the story…. secrets only lead to lies and more secrets… if Anna had been honest, we would have never had this book….😉

“A lie can travel halfway around the world, while the truth is putting its shoes on.”

As a complete sidenote there is a part in this book that has made me even more confused about the English school system, so different from America… I have no idea what an A level is, and they appear to take fewer classes?

Strongly recommend to all fans of this author and the psychological thriller genre…

*** thank you so much too Bookouture and Net Galley for a copy of this fabulous book ***

Don’t lie😉 Berit 💛

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Flashback Friday Featuring – The Troop by Nick Cutter #FlashbackFriday #BookReview #Disturbed

The Troop

The Troop by Nick Cutter

⭐⭐⭐⭐ If Stephen King said so stars!


Once a year, scoutmaster Tim Riggs leads a troop of boys into the Canadian wilderness for a three-day camping trip—a tradition as comforting and reliable as a good ghost story and a roaring bonfire. But when an unexpected intruder—shockingly thin, disturbingly pale, and voraciously hungry—stumbles upon their campsite, Tim and the boys are exposed to something far more frightening than any tale of terror. The human carrier of a bio-engineered nightmare. An inexplicable horror that spreads faster than fear. A harrowing struggle for survival that will pit the troop against the elements, the infected…and one another.


What can I say about this book??

I love horror books, I was a mahoosive Stephen King fan when I was younger, and literally hoovered up anything he wrote, also James Herbert and Dean Koontz, so I have read my fair share of yeuch throughout the years. ……..oh but this book!!!

Stephen King reviewed this on GR and said that it scared the shit out of him, that means you have to read it right??

I can safely say that this is the only book that has EVER made me gag!

I was listening to it on audio and I had to take my earphones out as I thought I was going to hurl lol.

On an island just off of Canada a scout troop go to spend a weekend there, as they do every year, with no technology or phones allowed, they go to have a great time.

Apart from this time, this time a man shows up out of nowhere, he is desperately hungry, and I mean HUNGRY, to the point that he starts eating the chair!!

Scout Master Tim helps him inside the cabin they stay in as he knows a bit of first aid and he can clearly see that the man is ill, but he doesn’t know how ill ……..until he sees something moving in the man’s stomach!

A stomach churning – 4☆ read

Read with caution,


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My Sweet Friend by H.A. Leuschel #BlogTour #BookReview #Giveaway @HALeuschel @rararesources

Happy Monday all! Today I am thrilled to be part of the blog tour for this little gem of a book! Many thanks to Rachel for the invite to the blog tour and two H A Leuschel for her wonderful words!😍

My Sweet Friend

My Sweet Friend

A stand-alone novella from the author of Manipulated Lives

A perfect friend … or a perfect impostor?

Alexa is an energetic and charismatic professional and the new member of a Parisian PR company where she quickly befriends her colleagues Rosie and Jack. She brings a much-needed breath of fresh air into the office and ambitiously throws herself into her new job and friendships.

But is Alexa all she claims to be?

As her life intertwines with Rosie and Jack’s, they must all decide what separates truth from fiction. Will the stories that unfold unite or divide them? Can first impressions ever be trusted?

In this original novella, H.A. Leuschel evokes the powerful hold of appearances and what a person is prepared to do to keep up the facade. If you like thought-provoking and compelling reads with intriguing characters, My Sweet Friend is for you.

MSF 2D High Res

Purchase Link –

MSF - Photo - Helene editedAuthor Bio – Helene Andrea Leuschel grew up in Belgium where she gained a Licentiate in Journalism & Communication, which led to a career in radio and television in Brussels, London and Edinburgh. She now lives with her husband and two children in Portugal and recently acquired a Master of Philosophy with the OU, deepening her passion for the study of the mind. When she is not writing, Helene works as a freelance journalist and teaches Yoga.

Social Media Links –

Giveaway – Win a signed copy of Manipulated Lives by H.A. Leuschel (Open Internationally)

*Terms and Conditions –Worldwide entries welcome.  Please enter using the Rafflecopter box below.  The winner will be selected at random via Rafflecopter from all valid entries and will be notified by Twitter and/or email. If no response is received within 7 days then I reserve the right to select an alternative winner. Open to all entrants aged 18 or over.  Any personal data given as part of the competition entry is used for this purpose only and will not be shared with third parties, with the exception of the winners’ information. This will passed to the giveaway organiser and used only for fulfilment of the prize, after which time I will delete the data.  I am not responsible for despatch or delivery of the prize.

My Sweet Friend Full Banner

~My Review~

4.5 Manipulative Stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟.5

WOW! This was a fabulous little read… my favorite type of read filled with unreliable narrators…. even better you have no idea from the start who is more unreliable… Who is manipulating who and who is lying! Cannot believe so much happened in only 92 Pages….Miss Leuschel this would make a brilliant full length book, just saying….

Not going to say anything about the plot, do not want to ruin this for anybody… so I am going to talk about the brilliant characterization of Alexa and Rosie…. you really got a sense of who these two women were and you felt a little bit of sympathy and contempt for both…. I really enjoy unlikable and unsympathetic characters, I like to figure out their psychology…. but there is a fine line when it comes to writing unlikable characters, and it was done perfectly in this book…. and as the saying goes, with friends like this who needs enemies?

Strongly recommend when you are in the mood for a quick psychological thriller with brilliant characters…

*** thank you so much to the author and Rachel at Rachel’s Random Resources for my copy of this lovely book ***

Have a marvelous week! Berit💛

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Flashback Friday Features Blood Sisters by Jane Corry #FlashbackFriday #BookReview @JaneCorryAuthor

Happy Friday all! This week I came across Jane Corry’s new book on Net Galley.”The Dead Ex”I like the sound of that title!😉 So, I decided to bring you my review of “Blood Sisters” a thriller I thoroughly enjoyed last year…

Blood Sisters

Blood Sisters by Jane Corry

4.5 Thrilling Stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟.5


Three little girls set off to school one sunny morning. Within an hour, one of them is dead.

Fifteen years later, Kitty can’t speak and has no memory of the accident that’s to blame. She lives in an institution, unlikely ever to leave. But that doesn’t keep her from being frightened when she encounters an eerily familiar face.

Art teacher Alison looks fine on the surface. But the surface is a lie. She’s struggling to make ends meet and to forget the past. When a teaching job at a prison opens up, she takes it, despite her fears. Maybe this is her chance to set things right. Then she starts to receive alarming notes; next, her classroom erupts in violence.

Meanwhile, someone is watching both Kitty and Alison. Someone who never forgot what happened that day. Someone who wants revenge. And only another life will do. . .


This was a very well done and unique psychological thriller…
An accident over 10 years ago one sister has carried the guilt for it, the other sister has suffered the physical consequences of it…. really don’t want to say too much about this, but I thought the author did a really good job of portraying all the characters, and I think a lot of research took place to really get the character of Kitty right….. and even though Kitty had a brain injury and was really confine to quite a frustrating life, you definitely never felt any sympathy for her, she was quite unlikable…. Allison on the other hand you definitely had empathy for, I was glad with the outcome of this book, so many twists and turns, I never would have seen coming…. definitely will read more books from this author…

Enjoy the twists,


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The Retreat by Mark Edwards #BookReview #TheRetreat. @mredwards

Happy Hump Day! Today on the blog I have my review of this wonderful book that is part ghost story, part psychological thriller, and absolutely fantastic! 👻 The Retreat

The Retreat by Mark Edwards

4 Creepy and Spooky Stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟

About the Book

A missing child. A desperate mother. And a house full of secrets.

Two years ago, Julia lost her family in a tragic accident. Her husband drowned trying to save their daughter, Lily, in the river near their rural home. But the little girl’s body was never found—and Julia believes Lily is somehow still alive.

Alone and broke, Julia opens her house as a writers’ retreat. One of the first guests is Lucas, a horror novelist, who becomes obsessed with finding out what happened to Lily. But within days of his arrival, the peace of the retreat is shattered by a series of eerie events.

When Lucas’s investigation leads him and Julia into the woods, they discover a dark secret—a secret that someone will do anything to protect…

What really happened that day by the river? Why was Lily never found? And who, or what, is haunting the retreat?

From the bestselling author of Follow You Home and The Magpies comes his most terrifying novel yet.


4 Creepy and Spooky Stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟

Is there really a Bloody Mary video game? I’m just wondering how that works? I remember gathering in the bathroom at midnight with my friends at sleepovers, never quite making it to those 10 “Bloody Marys…“ this book really brought back memories of all those creepy childhood stories… is the boogie man really under my bed? Can my Tina doll really talk? I’m not one to necessarily believe in the supernatural, but I’m not above getting a little creeped out when something goes bump in the night…

What this book did brilliantly was blend together a twisty psychological thriller and an element of the supernatural… in the beginning I had no idea what was going on was this house haunted? Are these people crazy? Who is singing? Who is taking things and moving them around? What is going bump in the night? I have to admit if I were at this “Retreat“ I would be high tailing it out of there just like Karen did!

Lucas is an author who has headed to Wales to a writers retreat… to work on his follow up novel to his best seller… Julia is the widow who owns this retreat, she also lost her husband two years ago… her husband jumped in the river to save their daughter, who they believed had fallen in, but Lily’s body was never recovered… I can’t even imagine how excruciating this would be, so I could completely understand why Julia still believed her daughter was alive…

This book had me guessing until the bitter end…. I really had no idea how this was going to end, and the very final twist…. not even sure how I feel about that, but it sure made me think…. and all the pieces came together and were completely plausible and believable…

Absolutely recommend when you are in the mood for a spooky atmospheric book filled with things that go bump in the night and some twists on top…

*** thank you so much to the publisher and Net Galley for a copy of this book ***

Don’t be afraid of the dark! Berit 😱