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A Unique Design for a New Era in Sports

The 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris will be like no other. Taking inspiration from themes of equality, peace, and water, French designer Mathieu Lehanneur unveiled his sleek and modern creation for the official torch on Tuesday. Embodying perfect symmetry for the first time in its history, the innovative design represents equality and promotes unity between the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

“For Paris 2024, and for the first time in its history, plays on perfect symmetry, speaking to us more clearly about equality,” Mathieu Lehanneur said in a statement.

A Fluid Design with a Touch of Luxury

The lightweight torch, weighing only 3.3 pounds, boasts a champagne hue and smooth, flowing lines that evoke rippling water. Made by manufacturer ArcelorMittal using 100% recycled steel, it exemplifies sustainability as well as elegance.

The Paris 2024 organizing committee’s decision to have considerably fewer torches produced – approximately 2,000 units compared to over 10,000 in previous games – demonstrates a commitment to reducing environmental impact while still providing an unforgettable event.

Uniting the Olympic and Paralympic Games

The conscious effort to build bridges between the two sporting events ever-present throughout the entire planning and execution stages, starting with the torch itself. With its unique blend of equal parts simplicity and sophistication, the one-of-kind design sends a strong message of inclusivity and support for all athletes participating in next year’s prestigious competition.

“This is part of the organizing committee’s strategy to build bridges between the Olympic and Paralympic Games,” Paris 2024’s president Tony Estanguet said in a statement.

A Tradition of Artistic Excellence

The selection of torch designs has evolved over time, reflecting the host city’s organizing committee preference for celebrated designers and artists. With France home to some of the world’s most famous designers, selecting Mathieu Lehanneur as the mind behind the 2024 torch isn’t surprising. The result is captivating – an object that manages to captivate while maintaining a sense of tradition and elegance.

The Journey of the Torch

Beginning its journey in Olympia, Greece, the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic torch will be lit using sunlight reflected off a parabolic mirror before being carried hand-to-hand by around 10,000 torchbearers who will form a human chain stretching from Greece to France.

This unbroken chain of individuals represents the ongoing connection between all involved parties – competing athletes, supportive fans, dedicated organizers, and countless others – showcasing unity across borders.

What It Represents

The buzz surrounding this torch unveiling showcases both the anticipation and excitement generated by the inclusive values it embodies. As we approach the highly anticipated Games, the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic torch symbolizes a new era in international sports competition, focused on equality, unity and peace, with sustainable practices at its core.

  • Equality: The torch’s innovative symmetrical design marks a groundbreaking moment in Olympic and Paralympic history, highlighting equal importance given to both events.
  • Water: The sleek design evokes notions of rippling water, instilling a sense of tranquility and harmony.
  • Peacefulness: In today’s world filled with turmoil and unrest, the torch represents hope for peaceful international cooperation through sportsmanship and competition.
  • Sustainability: With fewer torches produced from 100% recycled steel, organizers demonstrate their dedication to eco-friendly practices without sacrificing elegance or quality.

As we prepare to witness exceptional athleticism and sportsmanship, the thoughtfully crafted Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic torch will sparkle in the hearts of millions around the globe – serving as a beacon of hope, unity, and progress for generations to come.


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