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A Sunset in Sydney by Sandy Barker **Book Review** @rararesources

Happy hump day all!

If you were currently visiting the location of the book you’re currently reading where would you be? This book allowed me to visit London, Hawaii, Australia, and New Zealand! Love traveling through the pages of a book, especially these days.🛫

A Sunset in Sydney

How far would you go in the name of love?

Sarah Parsons has a choice ahead of her. After the trip of a lifetime she’s somehow returned home with TWO handsome men wanting to whisk her away into the sunset.

Pulled in two directions across the globe, it’s making life trickier than it sounds. Her gorgeous American, Josh, wants to meet Sarah in Hawaii for a holiday to remember. Meanwhile silver fox, James, plans to wine and dine her in London.

It’s a lot to handle for this Aussie girl, who had totally sworn off men!

Join Sarah after her adventure in One Summer in Santorini, for the heart-warming and uplifting third novel in The Holiday Romance series.

My Thoughts

Purchase Links London, Australia, Hawaii, New Zealand. Sandy Barker takes you around the world in this compelling story. Let me preface this with I do not like love triangles, and boy was this one heck of a love triangle. This is not to say I didn’t like the book, but I was perpetually frustrated with Sarah the female protagonist. SO in the first book of the series Sarah met two men while on vacation in the Greek Islands. Josh a younger free spirit from America. Jack the “silver fox“ A successful millionaire from England. The story starts off with Sarah visiting her sister in London and meeting up with Jack. Jack is very sophisticated and Sarah was very intimidated by this. Where my frustration was with this is that I don’t think Jack was doing anything to make Sarah feel inferior, it was all in Sarah’s head. Jack really was a good guy and did not deserve Sarah‘s mind to be elsewhere when she was with him. Then Sarah went to go visit Josh in Hawaii for New Year’s. Hawaii is gorgeous and the couple was swept up in all its beauty. Sarah was much more relaxed with Josh, but Josh wasn’t willing to commit. Now where this frustrated me is I don’t know how Sarah could be upset with Josh for not committing when she was dating someone else as well? The final part of this book involves Sarah going home to Australia and a quick trip to New Zealand and ultimately her decision between Josh and Jack. My favorite parts of the book (other than all the gorgeous settings) was the relationships between Sarah and her sister as well as Sarah and her Bestie. Although if I were them I would be annoyed with Sarah’s continual whining about having two great guys in love with her, UGH. This is the third book in the series and while you can read it as a standalone you probably would appreciate reading the first book for some backstory (the second book is about Sarah sister Kat, and probably my favorite of the series). An entertaining read set in some pretty spectacular locations.

This book in emojis 🍷 🌴 🍾 🏝 🍹

*** Big thank you to One More Chapter for my gifted copy of this book. All opinions are my own. ***


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Author Bio –

Sandy Barker is an Australian writer, traveller and hopeful romantic with a lengthy bucket list and a cheeky sense of humour. She’s also an avid reader, a film buff, a wine lover and a coffee snob.
Many of Sandy’s travel adventures have found homes in her writing, including her debut novel, a contemporary romance set in Greece, which was inspired by her true-life love story.

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Summer Strawberries on Swallowtail Bay by Katie Ginger **Book Review** @rararesources

Hello my lovely book friends!

Excited to share my review with you today for this sweet summer romance that will put a huge smile on your face!🍓

Summer Strawberries at Swallowtail Bay

Grab your strawberries and cream and get ready to return to the beautiful Swallowtail Bay!

Summer is in full swing and the locals are getting excited for the launch of the Swallowtail Bay strawberry food festival. But will all run smoothly when festival organiser Hetty’s heart is torn between lord of the manor John Thornhill and successful bakery owner Ben?

My Thoughts

A sweet and scrumptious romance. Katie Ginger has written a charming story packed with delightful characters. Hetty is a lively event planner determined to revamp Swallowtail Bay’s annual strawberry festival. Part of the event planning involves her trying to convince be somewhat reclusive John Thornhill to allow the event to be held on his property. What follows is a sweet story with some complications. I loved watching Hetty and John‘s relationship bloom. It was so fun watching them plan the strawberry festival. I wanted to be right there with them, especially when it came to the food tasting. Hetty was such a fun vivacious character her bubbly personality and energy dripped from the pages. John really was her perfect match. The blurb made me think there was going to be more of a love triangle, but I was very grateful there really wasn’t. So grab your beach towel, your sunscreen, settle in on that lounge chair and relax with this book. And don’t forget the strawberries!

This book in emojis 🍓 🎟 ⛱ 💞 🍰

*** Big thank you to HQ Digital for my gifted copy of this book. All opinions are my own. ***

Purchase Links

UK Amazon ebook:

US Amazon ebook:

Author Bio –

KATIE GINGER lives in the South East of England, by the sea, and she really wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. Summer Strawberries at Swallowtail Bay is her fifth novel. The first, Spring Tides at Swallowtail Bay is available now. Her debut novel The Little Theatre on the Seafront was shortlisted for the Katie Fforde Debut Novel of the Year award, and her stand- alone Christmas novel Snowflakes at Mistletoe Cottage was a US Amazon bestseller.

When she’s not writing, Katie spends her time drinking gin, or with her husband, trying to keep alive their two children, Ellie and Sam. And there’s also their adorable King Charles Spaniel, Wotsit (yes, he is named after the crisps!).

For more about Katie you can visit her website:, find her on Facebook:, or follow her on Twitter: @KatieGAuthor

Instagram: @katie_ginger_author

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The Sunset Sisters by Cecilia Lyra **Book Review** @bookouture

Hello my book friends!

Excited to share with you today this fun beach read with a splash of Mystery. Sun, sand, and secrets!🏖

My Thoughts

Sun, sand, and secrets. Cecilia Lyra has written a fun beach read with a splash of Mystery. Cassie and Julie are half-sisters sharing the same father. The sisters spent the summers of their childhood on the beach with their beloved grandmother. But then something happens to tear these two sisters apart. It is 15 years later and Cassie and Julie have not seen one another since the fateful event. At the reading of their grandmother’s will they find out that in order for them to inherit her lovely Beachhouse they must spend the summer together in the house. The sisters are quick to agree to the terms, but will they be able to heal the wound between them?

This was a heartwarming story with some unseen twists and secrets. I always love reading books about sisters specially because I don’t have one myself, it is a relationship that intrigues me. Cassie and Julie were quite different from one another and I have to admit that I favored Julie for most of the book. Julie was kind and caring almost to the point of her own detriment. Cassie on the other hand was strong, blunct and a bit prickly. I really loved how the story between the sisters unfolded throughout the book, it was perfectly paste. I was seriously so invested in the story, because I cared so much about these characters. I also really love the little fairytale element added in, gave the story even more sparkle.

This book in emojis 🏖 👭 🐚 ✨ ☀️

*** Big thank you to Bookouture for my gifted copy of this book. All opinions are my own. ***

About the Book

Two sisters. A surprising inheritance. A summer that changes everything.

As children, half-sisters Cassie and Julie were nearly inseparable, bonded through happy, lazy summers playing barefoot in the surf and sleeping out on the porch of their grandmother’s Hamptons beach house. Though from wildly different backgrounds, each magical summer the girls were as close as only best friends, accomplices, sisters can be. But they haven’t spoken in nearly fifteen years—not since the funeral of Cassie’s mother—and now there is only resentment and painful memories between them.

Successful and self-contained, Cassie is shocked to learn the requirements of their Nana’s will—that she and Julie spend one final summer together in the Hamptons house in order to inherit. Cassie agrees reluctantly, she needs an excuse to leave Boston and give the growing rumors about her personal life a chance to die down.

And for Julie, who is discovering too late the cracks in her marriage, it is the chance to repair at least one damaged relationship. But for the two sisters to regain what they had, they will have to finally confront what happened the night Cassie lost her mother. With their Nana’s wisdom guiding the way, could this summer bring painful discoveries, and a new direction, for both sisters?

An emotional and riveting novel full of family drama and dark secrets. Perfect for fans of Elin Hilderbrand, Emily Giffin and Jennifer Weiner.  

About the Author

Cecilia is an author with a reading addiction — a serious one. She is a lover of wine and all things chocolate, and the proud mother of Babaganoush, an English Bulldog. She is also a recovering lawyer, but asks that you do not hold that against her. 
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Have a lovely day! XOXO Berit 🐚
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Just Friends by Holly McCulloch **Book Review** @randomthingstours

Happy Thursday all!

How is your day going? Today I’m excited to share with you this fun friends to lovers romance.💕

My Thoughts

A fun Friends to lovers romance. This was such a sweet story with some exceptionally engaging characters. The book kicks off with Bae at her BFFs wedding on New Year’s Eve. While at the wedding Bae decide she needs to get her life together. She’s stuck in a job she never really wanted and is about to be the last singlton of her friends. Always in the background is her dear and goofy friend Peter offering her comfort and support. BUT Bae knows better than to get involved with a friend.

Loved loved loved Bae. There was so much authenticity about her character. She was likable and relatable, absolutely someone you’d want to be friends with. Peter was such a good guy so kind yet quirky. Definitely the type of guy I would have put in the friend zone when I was younger and then later regret. I was definitely cheering for the two of them the entire book. Bae also had a great support system with her friends and family, and I enjoyed her character growth especially in the workplace. My only tiny complaint with the story is I wish there had been more interaction between Bae and Peter. I loved when they were together, but they spent way too much time trying to avoid one another. A sweet story with a satisfying ending.

This book in emojis. 🍷 🌯 🐶 ✉️ 🧘🏻‍♀️

*** Big thank you to the publisher for my gifted copy of this book. All opinions are my own. ***

About the Book

It’s easy to put someone in the friend zone. But what happens if you change your mind?

Bea isn’t happy. Desperate for a change, she looks to her friends for inspiration. Every single one of them is paired off, perhaps that’s what she needs too.

So, she starts dating again. But everywhere she goes – amid the hilarious and scarring dates – there’s Peter. Good old, oddball Peter, her closest friend from university. He’s always been firmly in the friend zone but something’s happened lately – he seems taller, more handsome and suddenly making him smile is Bea’s favourite thing.

But how can Bea possibly risk their friendship? And how do you even go about taking someone out of the friend zone? What if Bea and Peter were only ever meant to be just friends… 

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Sweet Pea Summer by Ally’s Murray **Book Review** @bookouture

Happy hump day book friends!

Damn I am such a sucker for a second chance romance! This book just gave me all the feels! I just loved it so so much!💕

My Thoughts

A charming small town second chance summertime romance. Alys Murray tugged on my heartstrings with her delightful storytelling. Nothing like a second chance romance to hit me in the feels. May and Tom were high school sweethearts with dreams of traveling the world and being together forever. The night after graduation Tom packed up his truck with all his worldly goods and May tells him she cannot join him. It is years later and Tom is back in town, but the small town is unforgiving. You see May pretty much let everyone think that Tom had left her rather than her calling things off. So when Tom and May are thrown together to plan the town’s festival everyone is quick to defend May’s honor. But the spark between Tom and May is still there, strong and undeniable. So will May be able to forgive herself and finally go after the boy she’s always loved? *sigh*

Loved every minute I spent reading this adorable story. May and Tom were just too perfect together my heart was aching for them to get back together. I loved the small town and the family dynamics in the story. I wasn’t always quite sure why everyone was so upset with Tom supposedly ending things with May when he was 18? And I really didn’t understand why May just didn’t fess up? But I’ve never lived in a small town. Such a sweet heartwarming story that made me all gooey inside. Cannot wait for the next book in this fun flowery series.

This book in emojis 🐝 🍷 🐶 🌸 🍯 ⛲️

*** Big thank you to Bookouture for my gifted copy of this book. All opinions are my own. ***

About the Book

Can you ever really forget your first love?

It’s been eight long years since May Anderson’s high school sweetheart Tom Riley drove down Main Street in his truck, leaving Hillsboro—and May—in his rearview mirror. Now he’s back and, try as they might, the pair can’t avoid each other.

As Hillsboro prepares to host the prestigious North West Food and Wine Festival, Tom and May are reluctantly called in to plan the big event. Tom needs May’s help to repair his bad-boy reputation and, with the whole town counting on them, May and Tom need to learn to trust each other again.

May is determined to protect her heart, but a lot has changed since high school. She can’t help but notice how the skinny boy she used to know is now a man who perfectly fills out his button-down, and Tom can’t seem to tear his gaze away from May’s sweet smile. It’s clear old feelings are surfacing again, but there is a secret keeping them apart and, until they find the courage to face it, their second chance summer will be only that…

A heartwarming story about first love, family and the importance of second chances. Fans of Jenny Hale, Debbie Macomber and Robyn Carr will adore Sweet Pea Summer.  

About the Author

Alys Murray is an author who writes for the romantic in all of us. Though she graduated with a degree in Drama from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts and a Master’s in Film Studies from King’s College London, her irrepressible love of romance led her to a career as an author, and she couldn’t be happier to write these stories! Currently splitting time between her home state of Louisiana and London, she enjoys kissing books, Star Wars, and creating original pie recipes for all of her books. Tobey Maguire is her Spider-Man. 
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The Little Shop in Cornwall by Helen Pollard **Book Review** @bookouture

Happy Wednesday my friends!

I seriously wouldn’t mind sitting on the beach about now and pretending the world did not exist! Cornwall take me away!✨

My Thoughts

The seaside, crystals, and sand. This was a captivating beach read with some depth. Claudia has just escaped her bad marriage and move to this small lovely village in Cornwall. Jason is mourning the loss of his wife when he and his teenage daughter Millie head to the same small village. Claudia is in the process of opening a beach front new age store. Jason does not believe in all this New Age stuff, but his daughter Millie is intrigued. What follows is a sometimes frustrating tale of push and pull. Will they? Won’t they?

I would not necessarily classify this as enemies to lovers, but maybe annoyerss (not sure this is a word?) to lovers? I certainly was annoyed by Jason, I understood he was going through some things but wow he definitely had an angry side. I liked Claudia, but I didn’t always find her relatable. Millie was hands-down my favorite character, I thought she just was the ray of light in the story. As much as I didn’t necessarily care for Jason and Claudia as characters I thought they worked well as a couple and I was rooting for them the entire book. I really love the setting of this sweet seaside village. I also loved the little bit of witchiness in the story. All in all an entertaining story that swept me away to the beach.

This book in emojis 🏖 🐱 ✨ ☀️ 💎

*** Big thank you to Bookouture for my gifted copy of this book. All opinions are my own. ***

About the Book

Claudia thought she knew how this summer was going to go. Turns out, she didn’t have a clue…

It’s been two years since Claudia arrived on the beautifully rugged Cornish coast with nothing but a suitcase to her name. She’d walked out on the husband who had never loved her, ditched the corporate job she’d never wanted and vowed that no gym membership card would come within ten feet of her ever again.

Swapping boardrooms and cocktails for a little shop right at the end of the beach road should have been a bit of a shock. But from the moment she first laid eyes on the empty, run-down store, Claudia knew this was where she was meant to be all along.

After all that upheaval, Claudia was looking forward to a quiet summer, full of the usual holiday makers and long walks along the clifftops. But life in her patch of paradise is about to change in more ways than one.

Enter recently widowed Jason, dragging his sullen teenage daughter Millie in tow. Millie and Claudia immediately hit it off. And while Millie loves everything about Claudia’s free-spirited way of life, practical architect Jason is less than thrilled about his daughter’s new interests. He doesn’t shy away from telling Claudia exactly what he thinks and sparks fly every time they meet.

But as circumstances throw Claudia into Jason’s path in increasingly unexpected ways, she begins to glimpse what lies beneath his fiery temper and sharp tongue. Claudia was sure her new life was perfect in every way. But was there something missing after all?

The perfect summer holiday escape, full of warmth, humour and heart. Fans of Sarah Morgan, Cathy Bramley and Phillipa Ashley will be charmed by this seaside romance.  

About the Author

As a child, Helen had a vivid imagination fuelled by her love of reading (long past her bedtime!) so she started to create her own stories in a notebook.

She still prefers fictional worlds to real life and loves infusing her writing with humour and heart.

Helen lives in Yorkshire with her husband, two grown-up (in theory) kids and a Jekyll and Hyde cat. She enjoys reading, coffee with friends and indulging her nostalgia by watching old seventies and eighties TV shows. 

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Summer in the City by Emma Jackson **Book Review** @rararesources

Happy happy Tuesday!

Summer in the City

The heartwarming new holiday read from the bestselling author of A Mistletoe Miracle

Sometimes the one thing you’re looking for is right in front of you…

Stephen is on a very personal mission to find his father as per the wishes in their mother’s will. But he has no idea where to start, not that he’s going to tell anyone that… When Noelle, native New Yorker, daughter of a detective and desperate for a distraction from the novel she’s been struggling to write, offers to help, it feels like the perfect solution.

Except the last time she spoke to Stephen he thought they’d be seeing the New Year in together and instead she stood him up and sold him out! Stephen’s big enough and been around the block enough times to understand that all is fair in love and war, isn’t he? But when Stephen accepts her offer and they begin their search across the city, it soon becomes clear that the weather isn’t the only thing that’s heating up.

A heartwarming summer romance perfect for fans of Heidi Swain, Sarah Morgan and Holly Martin.

My Thoughts

Fun and witty. Emma Jackson has written an engaging and adorable romcom with a hint of Mystery. Stephen has come to NYC to find his father per his mother’s will. While he is in the city he runs into Noelle Who had previously run out on him. Noelle is a cozy mystery author who is in a bit of a time crunch to finish her latest book. Noelle welcomes the distraction and offers to help Stephen locate his father. What follows is a cute, amusing, and romantic story. Noelle was such a likable character, someone I’d love to be friends with. Stephen took a little more time to warm up to, but I found his story heartbreaking and compelling. The two of them together were super cute and I loved watching their romance blossom. I usually prefer a small town romance, but I really enjoyed spending time with these characters in the Big Apple.

*** Big thank you to the publisher for my gifted copy of this book. All opinions are my own. ***

Purchase Link –

Author Bio – Author of the Best Selling A MISTLETOE MIRACLE, published in 2019 by Orion Dash, Emma has been a devoted bookworm and secret-story-scribbler since she was 6 years old. When she’s not running around after her two daughters and trying to complete her current work-in-progress, Emma loves to read, bake, catch up on binge-watching TV programmes with her partner and plan lots of craft projects that will inevitably end up unfinished. Her next romantic comedy, SUMMER IN THE CITY, is due for release in June 2020.

Emma also writes historical and speculative romantic fiction as Emma S Jackson. THE DEVIL’S BRIDE will be published by DarkStroke in February 2020.

Social Media Links –

Twitter: @ESJackson1

Instagram: @emma_s_jackson

Facebook @EmmaJacksonAuthor

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Sunshine and Second Chances by Kim Nash **Book Review** @KimtheBookworm

Hello book friends!

This was such a delightful feel good book about friendship, sunshine, and new starts.🏖

My Thoughts

Old friends, warm sun, good food, and lots of fun. Kim Nash has done it again! An uplifting heartwarming story packed with relatable characters. Liv, Deb, Samantha, and Fiona have been friends forever. Even though they don’t see one another that often they are honoring a pact they made when they were 21 and traveling to Portugal for a girls week to celebrate their 50th birthdays. Each woman has baggage that they will unpack during their getaway. Liv is married and the mother of two sons. She feels as though her family takes her for granted, she is overworked and under appreciated. Deb’s husband just left her for a younger woman PFP. Deb is a comfort eater and very insecure in her own skin. Samantha is dealing with grief and an adult son who she feels no longer needs her. Fiona is dealing with a mother with dementia and all the stress associated with taking care of an aging parent. All four women are in much need of some time away. Time spent with good friends, warm sunshine, and a GNT or five.

Wow this was probably one of the most relatable books I’ve read all year. Having just turned 50 myself a little over six months ago I related to each of these characters. I would have loved to join them for the week at this gorgeous villa in Portugal. I loved how like most old friends do these ladies picked up just where they left off. They were all so supportive of one another. I loved how they listen to one another, pushed when needed, but backed off when asked. I probably liked Liv and Deb’s stories best, but I think there was more focus on them as well. Also really liked the side story involving Mikey The guy that put the details of this perfect trip together. Sunbathing, yachts, golf lessons, shopping, Prosecco, catching up, romance, ladders, casinos, delicious dining, and so much more.

This book in emojis ☀️ 👯‍♀️ 👙 🛵 🍷 🎰

About the Book

It’s never too late to be offered a second chance at life.

Debs is newly single, Fiona is caring for her mum, Samantha is grieving, and Liv has the perfect life – or so she’d like her friends to think…This year, these four life-long friends are turning fifty, and Liv is determined they will honour their promise to each other – made on a beach at sunrise twenty-nine years before – to celebrate this milestone together.And what better place than a gorgeous villa where they will be spoiled and enjoy the stunning beaches, picturesque fishing towns and glorious climate of the Algarve?

But time away from home doesn’t always make the heart grow fonder. Sometimes it makes the thought of returning to your life too hard to bear. Especially with more than one gorgeous Portuguese man making hearts unexpectedly flutter…

It begins as a reunion in the sunshine, but little do the four friends know what life-changing decisions they’ll all be making before their flight home.

A heart-warming, feel-good summer read about friendship, love and second chances.

Purchase Links

About Kim

Kim Nash is an author of uplifting, funny, heartwarming, feel-good, romantic fiction.

She lives in Staffordshire with son Ollie and English Setter Roni, is Head of Publicity for Bookouture and is a book blogger at

Kim won the Romantic Novelists Association’s Media Star of the Year in 2016, which she still can’t quite believe. She is now quite delighted to be a member of the RNA.

When she’s not working or writing, Kim can be found walking her dog, reading, standing on the sidelines of a football pitch cheering on Ollie and binge watching box sets on the TV. She’s also quite partial to a spa day and a gin and tonic (not at the same time!) Kim also runs a book club in Cannock, Staffs.

Sign up to be the first to hear about new releases. Your e-mail will not be shared with anyone else and you will only contacted about Kim’s books.

Amazing Grace was her debut novel with Hera Books and came out in April 2019.

Escape to Giddywell Grange is Kim’s second novel and was published in September 2019.

Sunshine and Second Chances is Kim’s third novel and will be published on June 4th 2020.

You can read Kim’s Blog here:

Connect with Kim on Social Media here:
Twitter: (@KimTheBookworm)
Instagram: @Kim_the_bookworm

Have a gorgeous day! XOXO Berit🌊

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The House on Firefly Beach by Jenny Hale **Book Review** @bookouture

Hello book friends!

I really been all about the beach read these last couple months. Sweet stories with delightful characters set in gorgeous settings. This book was a perfect escapist gem.🏖

My Thoughts

Sun, sand, and second chances. Jenny Hale’s magical storytelling made my heart sing. This was such a lovely, sappy, sweet, romantic, story. Sydney and Nate were college sweethearts and the plan was to spend their lives together in Firefly Beach. That is until Nate packed up his truck and left Sydney behind. It is over a decade before Sydney and Nate see one another again at Sydney’s sisters wedding. Nate is no longer the boy that Sydney fell in love with he is a big-time song writer with a supermodel girlfriend. Sydney is resistant to Nate’s attempts to talk to her. She is guarding her heart and now she has someone even more important to protect, her son from a previous marriage. Will Sydney and Nate find their way back to one another? Will true love prevail?

This is the second book in the Firefly Beach series, I have not read the previous book and I don’t think I was missing out on anything. However I do want to go and read Haley’s (Sydney’s sister) story in the first book. I really loved Sydney‘s character she was strong and open yet understandably guarded. I felt for her because she was so conflicted between her heart and her head. Nate, I didn’t absolutely love from the first, but by the end I could see he was a good guy and worthy of Sydney. All the secondary characters were wonderful I loved Cindy‘s family and her adorable son. The setting was absolutely stunning I’d love to go visit Firefly Beach. This was a touching Second Chance Romance with great characters and a gorgeous setting.

This book in emojis 🏖 🐶 ✍🏻 👩‍👦 🏈 🎣 🌊

*** Big thank you to Bookouture for my gifted copy of this book. All opinions are my own. ***

About the Book

Nothing beats falling in love under the sun, with the sand beneath your feet. This gorgeous, feel-good, and heartwarming summer escape from the bestselling author of The Summer House is perfect for fans of Mary Alice Monroe, Susan Mallery and Nancy Thayer.

For Sydney Flynn, her treasured family home, Starlight Cottage, is her sanctuary. The house on the beach, surrounded by glittering turquoise waters, is the perfect place for her fresh start, piecing her life back together after it fell apart. That’s until her knees almost buckle at the sight of Nate Henderson.

As teenagers, Sydney and Nate spent their summers whispering sweet nothings and promising “forever” to each other. Sydney never imagined that her childhood sweetheart was going to break her heart, driving away from her and Firefly Beach, never looking back.

Now, when Sydney spots him at her sister’s wedding, their eyes meeting across the rows of guests, she barely recognizes him. The down-to-earth son of a fisherman, forever in beach t-shirts and flip flops, is replaced with a successful songwriter in a designer suit, a superstar in the country music scene. Yet despite everything, his dazzling blue eyes and easy smile stir up all the feelings she thought she’d left behind.

Nate is back to make it up to Sydney, but can she forgive him for all the heartbreak he caused? And it’s not only about her – Sydney is a single mother to Robby, her whole world, and she won’t let just anyone into their lives. Can she trust that Nate has really changed?

As if worrying about Nate wasn’t enough, a new development threatens Starlight Cottage, the safe haven that saved her when she had nothing else. Can Nate and Sydney overcome their past to save Firefly Beach and the house that holds so many memories for them? Or will the town they adore, and the love they have for one another, be lost forever?


About the Author 

When I graduated college, one of my friends said, “Look out for this one; she’s going to be an author one day.” Despite being an avid reader and a natural storyteller, it wasn’t until that very moment that the idea of writing novels occurred to me.

Sometimes our friends can see the things that we can’t.

While I didn’t start straight away, that comment sowed a seed and several years, two children, and hundreds of thousands of words later, I completed a novel that I felt was worthy of publication. The result was Coming Home for Christmas, a heart-warming story about the magic of love at Christmas, and 2017 TV movie on The Hallmark Channel. 

The rest is history. 

When I’m not writing, I’m a mother of two boys and a wife to a very supportive husband.



Author Social Media Links: 








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The Summer House by Lauren K. Denton **Book Review** @tlcbooktours @thomasnelson

Happy Monday all!

These last couple weeks have been rough and heartbreaking and I’ve been very distracted. It was really nice to be able to escape into this delightful book full of kind characters and so much hope and heart.

My Thoughts

What a delightful unexpected gem! Lauren K. Denton has Spohn such a delightful feel good tale that warmed my heart and made me smile. It has been a rough heartbreaking emotional week and I’ve been so distracted. It was so nice to find a gorgeous story filled with kind characters to escape into. Lily has just moved from Atlanta to the Alabama Gulf when her husband up and leaves her. New to town and knowing nobody Lily finds herself in need of a job and a new place to live. While at the grocery store she runs across two older ladies and finds out there is a need for a hairdresser at their active living community. Rose is the owner and manager at the active living community on Safe Harbor. Rose is a little prickly, but when Lily interviews for the hairdressing job she has compassion for the girl. Lily now finds herself with a new job and living in a community where most of the residents are four decades older than her.

Loved every minute I spend with these charming characters. Loved the hairdresser setting, these characters were just like me and spilled all their secrets while sitting in that chair. Both Lily and Rose were wonderful characters and I love the friendship that grew between them. There was also a sweet dose of romance in the story that I loved. A lovely clean romance with a generous dose of hope and heart.

This book in emojis 🌹 ✂️ 💇🏻‍♀️ 🦐 🐊 🍋 🌊

*** Big thank you to Thomas Nelson for my gifted copy of this book. All opinions are my own. ***

About the Book

Sometimes it takes losing everything to find yourself again.

Lily Bishop wakes up one morning to find a good-bye note and divorce papers from her husband on the kitchen counter. Having moved to Alabama for his job only weeks before, Lily is devastated, but a flyer at the grocery store for a hair stylist position in a local retirement community provides a refuge while she contemplates her next steps.

Rose Carrigan built the small retirement village of Safe Harbor years ago—just before her husband ran off with his assistant. Now she runs a tight ship, making sure the residents follow her strict rules. Rose keeps everyone at arm’s length, including her own family. But when Lily shows up asking for a job and a place to live, Rose’s cold exterior begins to thaw.

Lily and Rose form an unlikely friendship, and Lily’s salon soon becomes the place where residents share town gossip, as well as a few secrets. Lily soon finds herself drawn to Rose’s nephew, Rawlins—a single dad and shrimper who’s had some practice at starting over—and one of the residents may be carrying a torch for Rose as well.

Neither Lily nor Rose is where she expected to be, but the summer makes them both wonder if there’s more to life and love than what they’ve experienced so far. The Summer House weaves Lauren K. Denton’s inviting Southern charm around a woman’s journey to find herself.

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