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Brief Chronicle of Another Stupid Heartbreak by Adi Alsaid @InkyardPress #bookreview

Happy Sunday!

This is my second young adult review for you today. This was a sweet fluffy story about first love, I think this will appeal to teenagers a little more than us adults. The main character will probably be more frustrating the older you are, just saying.💜

My Thoughts

A sweet story about first love, moving on, and growing up. Nobody ever forgets their first love, but some people have a much harder time getting over them. Lu is dumped by her first love Leo, his reason seems to be because they are going to different colleges. Personally I think this is a mature decision, I’m not a huge advocate of going off to college with a boyfriend/girlfriend back home. Now of course I say this and I had a long distance relationship when I was in college, but that didn’t work. Also my daughter went off to college and had a boyfriend back home, and that didn’t work either. Now I’m certain this works for some people, just nobody that I know. Lu is so distraught and cannot function like she needs to. She is going to lose her scholarship to NYU if she cannot quickly write an article for the online magazine that she works for, her scholarship is contingent upon her working for this magazine.

Lu was pretty frustrating. I wanted to sit down and have a chat with the girl, and explain to her that she certainly didn’t want to throw away her future over some boy. Then Lu happens upon a couple that are planning to break up at the end of summer because they are going to different colleges. However in the meantime they are going to make the best of their summer together. Lu becomes obsessed with this couple or the idea of this couple. She decides she’s going to write an article about them, and even though the couple refuses, she keeps persisting.

Lu was definitely a self-centered teen who liked to throw herself an occasional pity party. She had this great friend Pete who quite frankly she did not deserve. He was such a good friend so supportive with Great wise words. I was hoping they would end up together, and then I thought I’m not sure if she deserves him. The end of this book really threw me for a loop, I’m still not quite sure what to think of it. This was a good book, but probably could have been great. There was just a little something missing, and I’m not even certain what that was. Simply put a sweet fluffy story about first love.

*** thanks so much to Harlequin/Inkyard Press for my copy of this book ***

About the Book

Dumped by her boyfriend the summer after senior year, teen love and relationship columnist Lu Charles has hit a wall with her writing. The words just won’t come to her like they used to and if she doesn’t find a topic for her column, she’ll lose her gig at hip online magazine Misnomer, and the college scholarship that goes along with it. 
Her best friend, Pete, thinks she should write through her own pain, but when Lu overhears another couple planning a precollege breakup just like hers, she becomes convinced that they’re the answer to cracking her writer’s block. And when she meets them – super-practical Iris and cute, sweet Cal – and discovers they’re postponing their breakup until the end of the summer, she has to know more. 
Have Cal and Iris prolonged their own misery by staying together, knowing the end is in sight? Or does the secret to figuring out all this love business – and getting over it – lie with them? One thing is certain – if Lu can’t make a breakthrough before summer is over, she can kiss her future goodbye. 
From the acclaimed author of
 Let’s Get Lost and North of Happy comes a touching exploration of love, relationships, and the pain of breaking up.

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Belly Up by Eva Darrows @InkyardPress @HarlequinBooks #bookreview #BellyUp

Happy Sunday bibliophiles!

I have a couple of young adult books to share with you today and this is the first! I thought this was sweet and diverse a clean read that I would let my younger teen read, a book I enjoyed as an adult!💋

My Thoughts

A diverse lighthearted story. A bit of a mash up of Juno and The Gilmore Girls. Sarah is smart and snarky with her future all planned out. But you know what they say about the best made plans… and getting pregnant the summer before her senior year by a stranger was not part of Sarah’s plans. Fortunately Sarah has an amazing support system around her. I do have to give major props to Sarah‘s mother and grandmother, not sure I would’ve handled the situation quite as well. I mean I’d be supportive, but probably after I lost my temper a few times. Sarah also had an amazing BFF in Devi. Seriously we all need a Devi in our lives.

Not only is Sarah pregnant, but she also has to start at a new school her senior year. Something that would not be easy even under the best of circumstances. Sarah is lucky enough however to find a diverse group of supportive friends at the new school as well. Even a boy named Leaf. This boy was so sweet, so kind, so supportive, and best of all he could cook! The only tiny problem I had with this book I thought things worked out a little too perfectly for Sarah. I know the girl got pregnant and she was going to have to deal with that, but… I thought it was all a bit sugarcoated, however they do say good things happen to good people and Sarah was truly a good person. Simply put this was a sweet diverse story filled with friendship, family, and love!7/10

*** many thanks to Harlequin/Inkyard Press for my copy of this book ***

About the Book

There’s a first time for everything. 
First time playing quarters. 
First time spinning the bottle. 
First totally hot consensual truck hookup with a super-hot boy whose digits I forgot to get. 
First time getting pregnant. Surprised you with that one, didn’t I? 
Surprised me, too. I’d planned to spend senior year with my bestie-slash-wifey, Devi Abrams, graduating at the top of my class and getting into an Ivy League college. Instead, Mom and I are moving in with my battle-ax of a grandmother and I’m about to start a new school and a whole new life. 
Know what’s more fun than being the new girl for your senior year? Being the pregnant new girl. It isn’t awesome. There is one upside, though – a boy named Leaf Leon. He’s cute, an amazing cook and he’s flirting me up, hard-core. Too bad I’m knocked up with a stranger’s baby. I should probably mention that to him at some point. 
But how? 
It seems I’ve got a lot more firsts to go.

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Trophy Life by Lea Geller @lrgeller @luauthors @suzyapbooktours #bookreview #trophylife


Today I have a review for this engaging story that I enjoyed from first page to last! Thanks again to Suzy for my invitation to this tour.💜

My Thoughts

authentic. Engaging. Refreshing.

Lea Geller’s debut was witty and heartwarming. A fun story with some depth. A lovely tale about second chances and finding out who you really are.

Agnes is living the good life. A beautiful home, a loving husband, a beautiful daughter, a staff to take care of said beautiful daughter and days full of yoga and lunches with friends. Then one day Agnes‘s husband Jack does not show up for their couples massage, something is wrong. Soon Agnes finds out that Jack is in financial trouble and hiding out waiting for the dust to settle. Meanwhile he advises Agnes that she needs to pack up and head across the country and take a job as a middle school teacher in the Bronx. So Agnes packs up her car along with her baby Grace, and heads across country. She starts the journey out with organic fruit and ends it with cheese puffs. When she gets to the Bronx she finds herself living in a small townhouse and teaching mischievous boys. A far cry from her yoga filled days, but this is only temporary, isn’t it?

Agnes wasn’t always likable and I didn’t necessarily find her relatable, however I did find her authentic. At times I found Agnes so exasperating. First of all she moved all the way across the country without even questioning the Y of it. Then she came across so ungrateful for having a furnished place to live in and a job. At other times I found Agnes terribly endearing. I loved how she sampled all the toddler food on her road trip across the country. She even sampled those meat sticks, then she put them in a casserole and brought them to a potluck, yuck! Then there was the interaction with the boys in her classroom. She really found a great way to relate to 12-year-old boys and their 12-year-old boy humor. Loved the bit about the Christmas tree, so touching. Simply put this was a delightful story about a woman trying to figure out what kind of life she really wanted to live. 8/10

*** thank you Lake Union for my copy of this book ***

About the Book

A refreshingly honest, laugh-out-loud novel about losing the life you always wanted…and finding the life you were meant to have.
For the last ten years, Agnes Parsons’s biggest challenge has been juggling yoga classes and lunch dates. Her Santa Monica house staff takes care of everything, leaving Agnes to focus on her trophy-wife responsibilities: look perfect, adore her older husband, and wear terribly expensive (if uncomfortable) underwear.
When her husband disappears, leaving Agnes and their infant daughter with no money, no home, and no staff, she is forced to move across the country, where she lands a job teaching at an all-boys boarding school in the Bronx. So long, organic quinoa bowls and sunshine-filled California life. Hello, processed food, pest-infested house, and twelve-year-old-boy humor – all day, every day.
But it’s in this place of second chances (and giant bugs), where Agnes is unexpectedly forced to take care of herself and her daughter, where she finds out the kind of woman she can be. Ultimately, she has to decide if she prefers the woman and mother she has become…or the trophy life she left behind.
Authentic and sharply witty,
 Trophy Life is proof that granny panties and mom coats might not be the answer to everything; they’re simply comfortable (if slightly unattractive) reminders of what happens when one life ends…and real life begins.

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The Shadow Writer by Eliza Maxwell @tlcbooktours @luauthors @amazonpub #bookreview #theshadowwriter

Happy Thursday book lovers!

Excited to share with you today my review for this dark story about obsession. Thank you so much Lisa for my invitation to this tour.🖤

My Thoughts

Obsession. Manipulation. Lies.

This book was in a word UNPREDICTABLE! A crazy ride! A plot full of twists and turns and characters with agendas you are never privy to. Eliza Maxwell has crafted a dark disturbing tale about obsession and manipulation. Unreliable, unlikable, self serving narrators who left a bad taste in my mouth. I am still baffled as to how we got from that first chapter to the last, but it sure was entertaining getting there.

Here is a quote from the book I think all my book reviewing/blogging/Bookstagramming friends Will appreciate…

“A person writes a book out of ego, reads a book out of hope, and recommends a book out of love.”

This book really is about the confounding, needy, obsessive relationship between Laura and Gray. Laura is an influential book blogger who is married to a successful author. Graye is a grad student with aspirations of being an author and a dark past. Neither of these characters were tremendously likable and I had a hard time connecting with them. I felt as though neither of them really let the reader see inside,. As a rule I am a fan of unlikable characters, but I need them to be completely fleshed out. I felt as though Laura and Graye were always keeping me at arms length, this might have been by design but it kept me disconnected. In spite of this I could not put this book down, I needed to know where it was going. This was one of those books that kept zigging and zagging, swirving all over the place, I never knew what was coming next. Enthralling, unsettling, and ultimately satisfying!


*** many thanks to Lake Union for my copy of this book ***

About the Book

Every writer has a story. Some are deadlier than others.

Aspiring author Graye Templeton will do anything to escape the horrific childhood crime that haunts her. After a life lived in shadows, she’s accepted a new job as protégé to Laura West, influential book blogger and wife of an acclaimed novelist. Laura’s connections could make Graye’s publishing dreams a reality. But there’s more to Laura than meets the eye.

Behind the veneer of a charmed life, Laura’s marriage is collapsing. Her once-lauded husband is descending into alcoholism and ruin and bringing Laura nearer to the edge.

As the two women form a bond that seems meant to be, long-buried secrets claw their way into the present, and the line between friendship and obsession begins to blur, forcing each to decide where her loyalties lie. Running from the past is a dangerous game, and the loser could end up dead.

Purchase Links

Amazon | Books-A-Million | Barnes & Noble

Connect with Eliza

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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What She Saw by Wendy Clark @bookouture #bookreview #whatshesaw

Happy Tuesday evening all!

As I mentioned busy day! And I have to give major props to those of you that post this much every day! Another wonderful book this time a thrilling thriller! Thanks Noelle for my invitation to this tour!🌺

My Thoughts

Absorbing. Intense. Suspenseful.

A well constructed thriller that started off slowly and ended with a GASP. Wendy Clark’s debut novel is a bit of a genre mash up. This book perfectly combined women’s fiction with psychological thriller. An entertaining story that combined character development, relationship dynamics, dark Secrets, hurtful lies, crazy twists, and wild turns. I would advise you however to completely ignore the blurb it is a bit misleading.

This book bounces around between time and perspective. We are told the story from both Leona and Beth’s perspectives, as well as Ria‘s story in tandem. Leona is a loving devoted overprotective mother with a secret past. Beth her daughter now 15 is fiercely trying to break out of her mothers clutches. She does not feel as though she fits in at school and soon finds herself entangled with an older man. Ria is pregnant and in a bad situation. She married a man who she thought was the love of her life. Unfortunately she now finds herself trapped in a marriage to a controlling narcissist. You know that Leona and Ria‘s story somehow are tied together, but I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how. Then there’s this older man that Beth is involved with, how does he fit into the story?

This book was like a puzzle, so many pieces that I enjoyed trying to put together. I liked how things were slowly revealed to us through Leona‘s sessions with her therapist. I was seriously confounded at how Ria could have possibly hurt Leona so terribly. I was also disturbed that a 24 year old and a 15-year-old were involved, but it did eventually play into the story. The last 20% of this book was seriously intense. The stress was palpable and I was as anxious as these characters. And that ending… well played Miss Clark!

*** thank you so much Bookouture for my copy of this book ***

About the Book

Everyone knows Leona would do anything for her daughter Beth: she moved to Church Langdon to send Beth to the best school, worked hard to build a successful business to support them and found them the perfect little cottage to call home. Leona and Beth hike together, shop together, share their hopes and fears with one another. People say they’re more like best friends than mother and daughter. 

It’s the relationship every mother dreams of. 

But their closeness means that Beth struggles to make friends. Her mother has kept her sheltered from the world. She’s more reliant on her mother’s love. More vulnerable. 

When Beth finds an envelope hidden under the floorboards of their home, the contents make her heart stop. Everything she thought she knew about her mother is a lie. And she realises there is no one she can turn to for help. 

What if you’ve been protected from strangers your whole life, but the one person you can’t trust is the person closest to home? 

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Coming Home to Wishington Bay by Maxine Morrey @scribblermaxi @rararesources #bookreview #cominghometowishingtonbay

Happy May everybody!

Delighted to share with you today my review for this charming story! Thank you so much Rachel for my invitation to the tour!💫

Coming Home To Wishington Bay

Home is where the heart is…

Holly doesn’t have time for a holiday this year. But when her job threatens to send her over the brink, her boss insists she take a sabbatical. So she packs her bags and escapes to her beloved grandmother Gigi’s house on Wishington Bay, which has sat empty since Gigi passed away.
But Holly’s dreams of a coastal escape take an unexpected turn. Holly didn’t expect to spend time with any man this summer – let alone an Aussie Adonis…but when she meets her next door neighbour Gabe and his little dog Bryan, it’s clear her quiet summer of strolling along the sand and wandering through the seaside village’s tiny streets on her own will come with a hefty dose of distraction.
With a summer to fill and Gigi’s wonderful and surprising house to sort through, Holly knew it would be a summer packed with old memories. She just didn’t expect to make so many new ones…
Coming Home to Wishington Bay is the new gorgeous uplifting rom-com from Maxine Morrey, perfect for fans of Sarah Morgan and Tilly Tennant!

My Thoughts

Has this ever happened to you? you inherit a house from your grandmother in a lovely beachside village. When you go to check out the house there is a hot Australian living next-door. He happens to be a doctor and a super kind and down to earth guy, with an adorable dog??? No? Well me neither. Seriously not one of these things has ever happened to me? This is why we read so we can live vicariously through the characters in our books. And Holly experiences all of this and more.

Maxine Moorey has written another delightful romcom sure to make you smile and swoon. From the first page of this book you know where it is going, but it’s the getting there that is so much fun. Holly was a lovely character with a big heart and I really wanted her to find her HEA. Gabe was pretty darn scrumptious and his dog Bryan was simply delightful. I also really liked Holly‘s brother who had a tendency to put his foot in his mouth, he said some things that really made me laugh. Like most romances there were times in this book I was so frustrated with Holly and Gabe, I guess it’s always easier to see what’s going on as a silent observer.

Simply put this was a fun uplifting story packed with humor and heart!

*** many thanks to HQ Digital for my copy of this book ***

Purchase Links:

UK –

US –

Author Bio

Maxine has wanted to be a writer for as long as she can remember and wrote her first (very short) book for school when she was ten.

As time went by, she continued to write, but ‘normal’ work often got in the way. She has written articles on a variety of subjects, as well as a local history book on Brighton. However, novels are her first love.

In August 2015, she won Harper Collins/Carina UK’s ‘Write Christmas’ competition with her first romantic comedy, ‘Winter’s Fairytale’.

Maxine lives on the south coast of England, and when not wrangling with words loves to read, sew and listen to podcasts. Being a fan of tea and cake, she can (should!) also be found doing something vaguely physical at the gym.

Follow Maxine Morrey


Twitter @Scribbler_Maxi

Instagram @scribbler_maxi


Pinterest ScribblerMaxi

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The Missing Years By Lexie Eliot @BerkleyPub #bookreview #themisingyears

Happy Sunday all!

Thrilled to share with you today my review for this creepy and atmospheric story! This was a group read and I’m glad I had friends to discuss this one with!💀

My Thoughts

Creepy. Atmospheric. Haunting.

Lexie Elliot Will completely transport you to this Erie Scottish house with her descriptive writing. I could feel the cold and contempt seeping from the house. The house has a life of its own and is probably the most dynamic character in the book. This is a slow burner that combines mystery, suspense, and magical realism.

Ailsa inherits a house, well half a house. The other half belongs to her father who she has not seen for over 20 years. Unable to sell the house until her father is found, or pronounced dead; Ailsa moves into the house along with her half sister Carrie. It doesn’t take Ailsa Long to figure out the house has a mind and a heartbeat of its own. Not only that she discovers a intruder in the house her very first night there. Then things start appearing and disappearing, noises are heard and there is that feeling of being watched at all times. A dead fox at the door, fire alarms going off, and the flies… oh the flies! Just thinking about the flies gives me the heebie-jeebies! So is the house friend or foe? Is it warning her or scaring her off?

For the most part I really liked this book it was so atmospheric and evocative. However some parts were extremely slow. Also as much as I enjoyed the magical realism element of this book, I wish it had been explored a little more in depth. Time folding? I was left with a few questions I would have liked answered. I recommend this to people who enjoy descriptive writing, a slower burn, and a touch of magic.

*** many thanks to Berkley for my copy of this book ***

About the Book

An eerie, old Scottish manor in the middle of nowhere that’s now hers.

Ailsa Calder has inherited half of a house. The other half belongs to a man who disappeared without a trace twenty-seven years ago—her father.

Leaving London behind to settle the inheritance from her mother’s estate, Ailsa returns to her childhood home, nestled amongst the craggy peaks of the Scottish Highlands, joined by the half-sister who’s almost a stranger to her. 

Ailsa can’t escape the claustrophobic feeling that the house itself is watching her—as if her past hungers to consume her. She also can’t ignore how the neighborhood animals refuse to set one foot within the gates of the garden. 

When the first nighttime intruder shows up, Ailsa fears that the manor’s careless rugged beauty could cost her everything.

The Besties

Mackenzie @ PhDiva

Jennifer @ Tarheel Reader

Holly @ Dressed to Read

Kendall @ Sunflower Book Lover

💕💕 Be sure to check out all the Besties’ reviews!

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The Missing Wife by Sam Carrington @sam_carrington1 @AvonBooksUK @Netgalley #Thriller #ComingSoon

Hello my livres lovelies :o)

I super happy to be bringing you this cracking little thriller that will be coming to your Kindles in June 2019

Why did you pick it up Vicci?  – Really it was the first line of the synopsis, I was intrigued.


Imagine turning up to your own party, and recognising no one. Your best friend has just created your worst nightmare.

Doesn’t that just make you go ohhhh!!!

I really enjoyed this twisty little thriller, it had just enough of “is it him or her?” vibe to it to keep me on the edge of my seat.

Louisa is about to turn 40 and is a brand new mother, her little Noah was an unexpected surprise but she loves him fiercely, even though she is completely exhausted.

Louisa seems to have forgotten what it was like to be a new mother, considering her daughter is now a teenager, and all of the sleep deprivation seems to be taking a toll on her, she is forgetting things and huge parts of her day seem to go by without her even noticing.

It gets to the point where she even starts to forget to feed the baby!

Her best friend Tiff thinks she needs a bit of a pick-me-up, and arranges a surprise 40th birthday party for Louisa, because she doesn’t speak much about her past Tiff is at a bit of a loss on who to invite, so she goes to the place where all your friends are, Facebook, and promptly invites all of Louisa’s old school friends.

And who should turn up out of the woodwork but Oliver, Louisa’s old boyfriend and his new wife! He is super happy to see Louisa…. until he turns up at her house the next day to tell her that his wife is missing!

With twists and turns at every corner, you will be wondering who is telling the truth, and what secrets they are all hiding.

**With thanks to Netgalley, the publisher and the author for a copy of this book


About the book

The Missing Wife
By Sam Carrington
Avon Books UK
Pub Date 27 Jun 2019

Imagine turning up to your own party, and recognising no one. Your best friend has just created your worst nightmare.

Louisa is an exhausted, sleep-deprived new mother and, approaching her fortieth birthday, the very last thing she wants to do is celebrate.

But when her best friend Tiff organises a surprise party, inviting the entire list of Lou’s Facebook friends, she’s faced with a new source of anxiety altogether: a room full of old college classmates who she hasn’t spoken to in twenty years. And one person in particular she never expected to see again is there – her ex-boyfriend from college, the handsome and charismatic Oliver Dunmore.

When Oliver’s wife Melissa goes missing after the party, everyone remembers what happened that night differently. It could be the alcohol, but it seems more than one person has something to hide.

Louisa is determined to find the truth about what happened to Melissa. But just how far does she need to look…?

One simple Facebook invitation unfolds into something both tragic and monstrous; a story of obsessive love, breath-taking deception and masterful manipulation.


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The Summer Cottage by Viola Shipman @viola_shipman @blunder_woman @HarlequinBooks @HarperAudio #bookreview #audiobook #thesummercottage

Happy Thursday bibliophiles!

Excited to share with you today my review for this ultra charming story!🐚

My Thoughts

Rule#1: Leave Your Troubles at the Door. Rule#3 Nap Often. Rule#13 Everyone Must Be Present for Sunset.

A charming story bursting with sunsets and love. Viola Shipman Rights such delightful books filled with engaging characters and good vibes. Stories about The importance of family tradition and friendship. Tales that make you realize we are all forever tied to our loved ones that came before us.

Adie Lou has returned to her families summer cottage after divorcing her philandering husband, quitting her demanding job, and grieving the loss of her parents. Her plan is to turn the beloved summer cottage into a bed and breakfast, however this is not quite as easy as she thought it would be.(Where are the property brothers when you need them?) The cottage needs a lot of renovation, not to mention part of the property has been declared a historical monument. BUT Adie Lou not deterred! Even after her first weekend of demanding rude guess. Adie Lou decides to focus on the positive and what transpires is a lovely story full of hope and love.

Adie Lou was a compelling, likable, and relatable character. I admired her strength and tenacity. I loved watching her navigate her way through the cottage renovations and then navigate her way through love. Very sweet, a little sappy, The romance in this book is sure to make you smile. BUT this book is much more than a romance. It is about figuring out what really makes you happy and the magic of family traditions.

🎧🎧🎧 this book is narrated by Tanya Eby who did a stellar job as always! Something I want to give Miss EBy major props for is that she does a remarkable job with male voices. Seriously you forget that it is a female narrating. Another story I felt was enhanced by the listening experience!

Rule #14: Shake the Sand from Your Feet, But Never Shake the Memories of Our Summer Cottage. It Is Family!

*** huge thank you to Harper audio and Harlequin for my copies of this book ***

About the Book

“Every now and then a new voice in fiction arrives to completely charm, entertain and remind us what matters. Viola Shipman is that voice and The Summer Cottage is that absolutely irresistible and necessary novel.” (New York Times best-selling author Dorothea Benton Frank) 
From the best-selling author of The Charm Braceletand The Recipe Box comes the perfect summer escape about the restorative power of family tradition, small-town community, and the feel of sand between your toes. 
Adie Lou Kruger’s ex never understood her affection for what her parents called their Cozy Cottage, the charming, ramshackle summer home – complete with its own set of rules for relaxing – that she’s inherited on Lake Michigan. But despite the fact she’s facing a broken marriage and empty nest and that middle age is looming in the distance, memories of happy childhoods on the beach give her reason for hope. She’s determined not to let her husband’s affair with a grad student reduce her to a cliché or to waste one more minute in a career she doesn’t love, so it becomes clear what Adie Lou must do: rebuild her life and restore her cottage shingle by shingle, on her terms. 
But converting the beloved, weather-beaten structure into a bed-and-breakfast isn’t quite the efficient home-reno experience she’s seen on TV. Pushback from Saugatuck’s contentious preservation society, costly surprises, and demanding guests were not part of the plan. But as the cottage comes back to life, Adie Lou does, too, finding support in unexpected places and a new love story on the horizon. 

One cottage rule at a time, Adie Lou reclaims her own strength, history, and joy by rediscovering the magic in every sunset and sandcastle.

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The Silver Ladies of Penny Lane by Dee MacDonald @DMacDonaldAuth @bookouture #bookreview #thesilverladiesofpennylane

Happy Thursday all!

Delighted to share with you today my review for this fun little gem! Thanks so much to Kim for my invitation to the tour and to Dee MacDonald for making me smile!🦋

My Thoughts

Dee MacDonald Rights delightful stories with engaging characters. This was a book that put a big smile on my face and swept me away into these characters lives. Tess and Orla we’re great characters and I enjoyed spending time with them. This was an upbeat heartwarming tale Full of heart and hope.

Tess and Orla are BFFs and own a dress shop for plus size women. Test the size she needs to make some changes before her daughter’s wedding including losing some weight and finding a date. Tess and Orla join a shady dating service and go on some pretty disastrous dates. There are some definite struggles when it comes to love and weight loss, but the friends are buy one another’s side. I really loved how supportive these ladies were of one another. I enjoyed watching Tess try to improve herself, but… I wish she could have come to realize she could do this without a man! Ugh too many times a woman improves her situation in a book by finding a man, I’m sure this is a personal pet peeve but still. I did however still truly enjoy this story, because these characters were so delightful.

An engaging story that will make you feel good! Live gloriously!

*** many thanks to Bookouture for my copy of this book ***

About the Book

Tess and Orla have been best friends throughout most of their adult lives. So when life gave them lemons and their loved ones let them down, they pooled their resources and bought a dressmakers shop on the corner of Penny Lane. And they’ve been doing just fine ever since.

But one day, while studying her tired eyes and shapeless figure in the mirror, sixty-two-year-old Tess realised that she doesn’t want her life to be just fine anymore. She wants it to be extraordinary. For as long as she can remember she’s put everyone else first. Now she wants to rediscover herself – and experience the kind of whirlwind adventure that will have the power make her smile when she’s confined to the armchair of a retirement home.

With the encouragement of fun-loving and quirky Orla, Tess joins an over-the-hill dating agency and the two friends book a singles cruise around the Mediterranean. And that’s when their adventure of a lifetime really begins…

A totally uplifting, heart-warming, hilarious page turner about embracing the moment, learning to love again and the joy of second chances. Perfect for fans of The Kicking the Bucket List and The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry.

About the Author

Dee MacDonald wrote her very first book – at around seven years of age! This was a love story which she duly illustrated before sewing all the pages together up one side. Writing was what she ‘was good at’ in school and she won several essay competitions, but then life got in the way and she didn’t pick up a pen again until after retirement.

Dee left Scotland and headed for London at the beginning of the swinging sixties. After typing her way round the West End she became an air stewardess on long haul routes with BA (then BOAC) for eight years. After that she did market research at Heathrow for both the government statistics and for BA, she became a sales rep., and was the receptionist at the Thames Television Studios in Teddington when they had the franchise.

She then ran a small B&B for ten years in Cornwall, where she lives with her husband. Dee has one son and two grandsons who live locally.

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