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Twisted Fate by Dana Miller **Book Review & Guest Post** @tlcbooktours

Happy Thursday!

If you’re looking for a fun heartwarming story to take your mind off current events, do I have the book for you! And be sure to check out the authors fun post including a great playlist!

My Thoughts

Fun, flirty, and fated. This book read like your favorite romcom: charming characters, witty dialogue, romantic obstacles, and a gorgeous setting. Laina it’s kind of a hot mess she still grieving the loss of her brother, pining over her first love Jared, and her business is failing. When her BFF Preston talks her into going to his cousins wedding she is somehow wrangled into being in the wedding party. At the wedding Laina Meats Mason and is somehow charmed by him. When Mason takes her on a tropical vacation to meet his family she is shocked to find out that Mason‘s cousin is none other than her first love Jared. Is this Laina‘s nightmare or is it fate?

This book had so many laugh out loud moments especially that wedding, that wedding killed me. Laina was a sympathetic character however the girl did frustrate me throughout a lot of this book. BFF Preston was my favorite character, seriously we all need a Preston in our life. Supportive and loving but he told you like it is. The romance in the book was sweet although fairly predictable with an ending that was definitely cliché. But I will never complain about a happily ever after.💕

About the Book

Laina Jorden’s Shakespeare-themed Staten Island bookstore is on the brink of failure. She can barely drag herself out of bed before lunch. She rarely picks up after herself, and she’s lost her belief in fate ever since her childhood sweetheart moved away, leaving her broken-hearted. Any man she meets is quickly kicked to the curb; they can’t compare to Jared.

But when Laina’s zany roommate forces her to attend his cousin’s wedding, she finds herself walking down the aisle as an emergency bridesmaid in a dress meant for a woman nine months pregnant. Even after drinking too much and setting her dress on fire, Laina manages to catch Mason’s eye. But a few months later, while she’s meeting his family in the Bahamas, Laina realizes that Mason’s stepbrother, JP, is none other than her old flame Jared. Is it too late to untangle the web she’s twisted in? Determined to find true happiness, Laina must uncover secrets and balance friendship against love as she fights to regain her destiny.

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Guest Post

What Keeps Me Inspired When Writing– By Dana Miller

Inspiration can come from anywhere.

For me, inspiration to write might derive from visiting a foreign land, spending time with someone I haven’t seen in quite some time, finding myself caught in an unexpected or humorous situation, devouring a phenomenal sushi dinner (yes, I’m a sushi nut), or hearing a particular song that sparks something special within my mind. Even the songs that replay in my head, over and over, and refuse to leave, I find inspiring. The truth is, I’m most likely the reason the song was stuck in my head to begin with, so I have no one to blame but myself for the constant musical loop inside my brain. The only time this becomes an issue is late at night while I’m fighting like hell to reach a rem cycle.

Music is exceedingly powerful, and it plays quite an essential part in my writing process. It’s nearly impossible to write a happy, uplifting scene if I’m just not feeling that zest within me that given day. But by simply pressing play on a song I can’t help but dance to, it has the power to work magic on my soul. If I need to immerse myself in the mindset of my characters, or feel what they might be feeling, I come to find that music is the most effective way to accomplish this task.

Often, I may find myself listening to a particular song on repeat, just to stay in the zone. All I have to say is thank goodness for digital music! A cassette or CD would be no match for the number of times I replay a song I’m infatuated with at that time. 

I often create a playlist of songs while in my outlining phase, and the list typically evolves even through to the final draft stage.

In my novel, Twisted Fate, my protagonist finds herself on a rollercoaster of emotions while on her journey of self-growth. She must face the fact that things don’t always happen the way one might hope after realizing her childhood sweetheart—the one who got away—is her new boyfriend’s stepbrother. Needless to say, my playlist had to have a few songs on there to tug at the heartstrings, while also consisting of a few tunes that compel me to dance on the furniture.

So, without further ado, I’d like to share something near and dear to my heart, which I haven’t shared with anyone before – some of the songs from my official Twisted Fate playlist. 

Happy listening!

Shut Up and Dance – Walk the Moon

When Love Takes Over – The Saturdays

Scared of Happy – Fifth Harmony

Issues – The Saturdays

Someday – Michael Bublé feat. Meghan Trainor

What About Us – The Saturdays feat. Sean Paul

Forever Is Over – The Saturdays

Never Getting Over You – Colbie Caillat

Floodgates – Colbie Caillat

Bigger Love – Colbie Caillat

Have a lovely day! XOXO Berit